Free Content You Can Use from Creative Commons – Michelle Lentz at ATD TK15

One of my clients is very serious about intellectual property and copyright. As a research-driven company creating innovative products, this is their whole business. When I have to make some training materials for this client, they almost always get sent back (you would think I would learn!) for an update. Why? Because I shamelessly steal and use everything I find on the internet. Sometimes not even intentionally.

So Michelle Lentz‘s ATD TK15 session on “Finding Free Stuff For Your Training With Creative Commons” seemed interesting to me. This blog post outlines some simple tips for trainers…

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Tip 1
If you want to make it clear what people can and can’t do with your own work, materials, images, blogs etc.. add the right Creative Commons license information. This affirmation can be as simple as adding the corresponding image to your content.


Tip 2
If you want to help other people find your shareable Creative Commons licensed work via the Internet (blog, images, sound etc) you need add the right license code. This is because the Creative Commons search engine looks for code, not pictures.


Tip 3
If you want to find content you can use, use the Creative Commons search engines to search by license type.


Tip 4
If you want images, Michelle recommends – you don’t have to be a Flickr user to search, find and copy images and… … wait for it… you can search by license type. We saw some of the available images for a simple search (“guitars”) and they were great!


Tip 5
If you are using things CC licensed by others in your work, you need to attribute the work to them. But you don’t have to literally put that attribution under everything you use. Consider putting a “credits” page at the end of your document.


Reference links:
-> Video introduction to copyright and “Creative Commons” :
-> Overview of Creative Commons license types and what they mean :
-> Get your Creative Commons license image and web-code here :
-> Creative Commons Search Engine :
-> Michelle’s ATD TK15 Presentation :
-> Get free sounds here :


Thanks for reading!



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