Make And Deliver Effective Presentations

I know you can do better

Over the last 12 years, I have helped more than 6,000 people to improve their presentation skills.

(Not to mention the other 5,000 people in communication, leadership and negotiation)

You don’t need to talk like Ted. And I don’t want you to talk like me.

You just have to do what I say. And you will present better.

I know you

You are an intelligent person, with good ideas.

You may be a little bit “techy”, a full-on researcher or a data scientist. Or maybe you are in HR or the VP of Sales and operations.

This might be a regular Tuesday project update meeting, or a pitch to the management team. A relaxed team moment, or the big conference for 500 strangers.

You have something to say.

But they aren’t really listening. Or they just don’t understand. Maybe they don’t say “no”, but don’t really seem to care.

You don’t feel good about it.

You could do better.

What can I do for you ?

10 years for 4 euros

I am close to finishing the first edition of “Make and Deliver Effective Presentations”, which I will be selling for 4 euros.

This will be THE reference book for any serious presenter, beginner or otherwise.

Practical to a word, if you do what it says, you will present effectively.

Whoever you are.

I expect to sell 1 million copies. Not bad for retirement that 🙂

Your course on-demand

My two Udemy courses are in development :

“Make and Deliver Effective Presentations 1” will cover the basic madePRES development process in depth and deliver key skills for successful performance in any everyday environment.

“madePRES 2: From Effective to Excellent” dives into the deeper psychology and advanced skills to allow you to control and captivate your audience, whenever, wherever.

A truly flipped learning solution.

One-to-“you” learning

In groups and for individuals, learning solutions are available on demand. These range from the typical and advanced presentation skills trainings as already delivered for over 500 international businesses … to whatever your people need right now to get them to get it right on the day.

Since 2008, I have trained over 11,000 individuals in Europe, the US, Middle East and

Participants have included engineers, food scientists, PhD candidates and professors, HR people of all functions, marketing + product managers, finance controllers, consultants from all domains, team-managers and trainers, project and change managers, nano-technologists and lobbyists, freelance business owners and job-seekers … from dozens of countries, ages and ways of seeing the world.

I would love to meet you.

About the book project

It started out as a sort of collection, before becoming a speaking and writing challenge.

Then the blog took off and it became another fun way to see my impact on others.

I believe that my work in this book is worth a HUGE amount more than the 4 euros I am asking.

And I also believe 2 other things :

Its good enough to sell to a million happy customers and anyone unhappy can have their money back.

What People Have Said About The Book

“I have been telling DAN for years since I followed his training that he should write a book. That guy has SO many good tips.”

Regional Manager, International Finance Network

” Every person in my organisation is expected to put DANs first rule into place when they open their mouths in our meetings. It helps us get things done. So, I ask again you ….. “

VP of Sales, Industrial Manfacturing Company

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