Dr Kella Price on How to Use QR Codes for Training and Learning

Dr Kella Price is giving us the low-down on the added-value of QR codes in learning. As an experienced user of many-things internet, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new and how to get the best out of the QR principle. Everyone in the room has at least scanned a QR before, so we are all ready to learn more….


A QR code is basically a link. You’ve surely seen one before somewhere. They look like this. At my children’s school, all the kids have QRs on a keyring attached to their bags for 2 reasons: In the case of an emergency, it is linked to contact details of their parents; when they stay at the crèche late at school, it is used to automatically create invoices for the service, based on the check-in/check-out time.


Why use these QR codes at work? What is the real value? Where should I put them?

The first thing to know is that people do scan these codes. In 2013, 181 QR codes were scanned every minute. Training participants today have mobile devices and they like to use them. Letting them use their devices in a training environment should therefore be…. (wait for it) …. engaging.

And the application possibilities are enormous. You can give them resources and information and create real-time interactivity.

According to Dr Price, the biggest value in any activity we do with these codes is the conversion rate of request/action. For example, if you send an email to people asking them to do something like enroll for a training or take a survey (request) you might get a conversion rate (action) of “X”. Price says that if you to integrate QR codes in other media you will get more than “X”. What kind of media actions are we talking about? Where can we add QR codes?

  • Add to a pay-check
  • Put on a poster, flyer or newsletter
  • Give new joiners in your company a key-ring with a QR code on it
  • Put on a business card
  • …or the photocopier
  • … or anywhere else!


What kind of actions can these QR codes produce?

Here, Dr Price is quite clear: The possibilities are endless. If you have an internet resource to share, put it in a code.

Some learning examples include:

  • Adding additional resources to training materials
  • Running a survey with tools like SurveyMonkey or padlet.com
  • Pushing people to your blog or YouTube channel


…what ideas can you think of to bring value to your training?


Where can I make a QR code? Can you do something special with your code?

There are lots of free QR code-creation sites online. Some are better than others because they create good value images or can be customized.

  • Personally I use tiny.cc because its easy
  • Today I found unitaglive.com in Dr Price’s session, which allows you to create custom codes including rounded-edges, different colours and even a logo or photo. It also has some templates with integrated logos for classic sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc…
  • We also discussed using bit.ly which when used with an account allows you to store all your QR codes for future use and (BIG added value) run analytics on the number of times your code has been scanned and via which sources
  • With http://www.youscan.me you can create 1 code that links to various sites at once (cool!)


Best practices?

  • When adding pictures to your QR code, do not make it bigger than 30% of the code size
  • Never cover up the “eyes” in the 3 corners of your QR code and don’t add anything in the bottom-right corner
  • Avoid light colours
  • Use colours for meaning. For example, if you split training content into 4 sections, use a distinct colour per QR codes found in each section.
  • When using the QR code in training materials, put a link underneath for those who don’t have a scanner
  • …and customize that link to make it short and keyword friendly


Other resources and ideas can be found here:


Thanks for reading



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