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Using video to invite people to training

At a recent Kluwer Trainer’s Evening, we discussed lots of things that could be done using #SoMe before, during and after training to improve its effectiveness.

I decided I would try using video to invite people to training, giving a little information about myself and the content prior to arrival. I thought this might simply help to create some rapport prior to an event and maybe align expectations. I also think the medium is nicer than a simple email.


In preparation for a conference at the Federal Government last week on the New World of Work and how we need a New Way of Learning, I published this film…




  • This film was made in my office at home using a flip-cam. I decided to pay real preparation attention to the content of what I wanted to share, but the film itself was done in 1 take –> I don’t think people expect you to be a perfect presenter on such a film.
  • I uploaded it to my own YouTube channel (
  • The film was referenced in an email to all participants – 70 people in total.


It was watched by 60 people so far.


If you, as a traine, have questions about such simple add-ons to yor approach, mail me!


Thanks for reading,