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Thank you @tallpaulnorman for teaching me what counts

Copy of the email I just sent my first real boss…. Freelance business skills, attitude and approaches that count


I was discussing today with my beautiful wife in my beautiful home much of a good start I got in business….

Today, I run my own business successfully and love the entrepreneurial spirit. I first got that from you. Your 21yr-old start-up story impressed me from the outset.

From Nomen UK, I learnt what a good, bad and absent manager was …you were one of those πŸ™‚

I learnt the importance of marketing in general, but more specifically the impact of brand. Today, my brand is clear, my internet presence is consistent and I’m managing (non-employees) well.

I learnt consultancy skills by your side. I learnt how to ask questions, listen and get a feeling for client situation and values in order to create something commercially viable.

I got my first taste of presentation skills – I now speak at conferences for Belgian learning networks, government and other…

I learnt independence and creativity. I learnt project management skills. I learnt to work with different people from different cultures, different backgrounds, ages and preferences.

I learnt how to facilitate brainstorming sessions (admittedly by being thrown in at the deep end) and the all important power of WhatIf?! questions that serve me just as well today.

I saw you do regular SWOT moments, integrating them into your business planning and our performance reviews to create real strategic action.

…. and by the way, as I said at the start: I discussed all this wife my beautiful wife in my beautiful home. I met her in Rotterdam, sent by you. We “developed our collaboration” in Brussels and you allowed me to leave early Friday and come late Monday at a time when flexi-time was not a standard ….and don’t forget your flexibility with the office phonebill πŸ˜‰

And so, my friend: Thank you!

If you are not crying yet, let me know and I’ll send you pictures of Etoile’s kittens when they are born next week πŸ˜‰