Mark Oehlert on Going “Social”

Having heard Mark Oehlert talk yesterday about building communities in the TKChat with Jane Bozarth, I’m back for more… The brochure says we will discover the real barriers to adoption of “social”, social learning tools or subject-matter networks. Bring it on! Introduction to the common things we hear about “social” To start things off, Mark […]

What my network expects from ASTD2012 ICE

ASTD ICE 2012 promises to be THE event for the learning community. Over 4 days, with hundreds of educational sessions, the International Conference and Exhibition is a fine opportunity to get up-to-speed on the learning world. Having seen the agenda, I know what’s on offer.But what do people want? What is MY network looking for? […]

Social and Collaborative Learning – answering 2 questions from @isabeldeclercq of @kluweropleiding

In a recent blog post from @isabeldeclercq of @kluweropleiding her first 2 questions interested me: How do you overcome resistance to collaborative learning? What will be the role of managers in our future networked world? This blog post delivers my answers…   Q1 ….before answering, please note that it is slightly strange to talk about […]