ATD ICE 2016 Sessions #S4CE #TU102 #W100: Practical Usage of Social Media for Formal Learning

In 2016, I will speaking 3 times at the ATD 2016 International Conference and Exposition in Denver.

2 full sessions on the practical use of social media in formal learning

  • Tuesday TU102 = the full session with all the practical example
  • Wednesday W100 = repetition of that same session

..and on Sunday, a short speech during session S4CE Community Express, Learning Technologies Fast Track.



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  • 84 seconds explaining what we will be doing in the session

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All references + tools mentioned in the full concurrent sessions


Background ideas (not shared in my sessions)


Interesting examples of social media in learning (not shared in my sessions)


Great books about specific social media tools:


My Prezi presentations on related topics:


ps – I reported on almost all the sessions I followed at previous A(S)TD ICE and TK conferences – if you want to read them, follow this link:ATD TAG.


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ASTD 2013 Session TU306: Practical Use of Social Media in Formal Learning

On Tuesday 21st May 4-5.30pm I will speaking at the 2013 ASTD International Conference and Exhibition. My topic is the practical use of social media in formal learning. In preparation for that moment, this page delivers pre-session references with which participants can familiarise themselves. Following the session, I will use this page to list further references and resources for those interested in improving their formal learning with social media…


(This page is under construction, with regular updates)


If you want to join the LinkedIn group for ASTD2013 session TU306 please do. I started the learning prior to the session and it is continuing after, just as I would with any other formal learning moment, enhanced by social media.


There are many reasons to use social media in learning. Here’s a few ideas that will not be discussed in my ASTD 2013 session TU306:


Some interesting examples of social media in learning:


There are some great books about specific social media tools, that I really liked:


I’ve made a few Prezi presentations on related topics:


I will be adding more references here soon. Please bookmark this page. And don’t forget to email me to take part in the before/during/after social-media enhanced formal learning of ASTD 2013 session TU306 or to join the ASTD2013 session TU306 LinkedIn group.


ps – if you want to see all my blog-posts from ASTD2012 (I was a little hyperactive, as usual) check one of the links below… … or discover resources from other attendees on the ASTD2012 ICE collected back-channel resources page of @LnDDave :


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Speaking at Epsilon Forum Plus, 13th November

On the 13th November, I will be speaking at the Epsilon Forum + conference in Louvain La Neuve.

This event is open to all Learning + Development professionals who want to network and learn (from each other, as well as some experts). If you want a free entry to the conference, just email me, call me or Twitter DM me and I will arrange it. Otherwise, 150 euros entry fee.

I will be speaking on 2 topics: “Practical Usage of Social Media for Formal Learning” and “Gamification of Learning”.

Here is the short text I wrote to publicise these sessions…
See you there?


Comment intégrer les médias sociaux dans vos projets d’apprentissages et formations?
Les médias sociaux améliorent l’apprentissage. Mais comment? Que faire ? Quand ?Dan Steer propose des conseils 100% pratiques à mettre en place dans vos formations et/ou initiatives d’apprentissage intentionnelles.
Aucun «hype». Uniquement du concret applicable à votre réalité d’entreprise.
Vous partirez prêts à commencer ou vous améliorer.


« Gamification et Learning » : La ludification de l’apprentissage, comment peut-elle aider ?
La «ludification» nous oblige à n’être ni électronique ni coûteux. Elle a des possibilités énormes.
Des mécanismes du jeu apportent des vrais résultats d’apprentissages.
Dan Steer partagera ses expériences et des bons exemples.
Vous comprendrez les enjeux, les pièges et les processus à suivre.
De quoi s’inspirer !


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