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10 random tips for managers to make the best of their (meritocratic) performance evaluation system

11 random ideas from recent training participants about how to work well within their meritocratic performance evaluation system…

  • Don’t forget: It’s a 2 player game (leader and follower)!
  • Communicate company strategic goals to people so they can align their own goal-setting to the company
  • Promote usage of the system – encourage people to do their part
  • Encourage and enable good reporting, data collection and preparation of feedback/input by employees throughout the evaluation period
  • Train new leaders on how to use and run the system
  • Don’t wait a year to give feedback – adjust frequency of follow-up to the development level of the employee
  • Assign the right people as reviewers and secondary reviewers – these people should be able to give a qualitative review
  • Take the time to understand the past performance – don’t ignore this and jump straight into scores and future goal-setting
  • Take responsibility for your part in the system
  • Give feedback on the system to management