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11 questions for ASTD2013 Sunday sessions

Gearing up for the Sunday sessions of #ASTD2013 and making first choices of what to follow. Here are the sessions I’m thinking of following and the questions that come to mind…


Session SU111 on MOOCs with Julia Wilkowski and Phil Wagner from Google

  • To which business performance and learning objectives does a MOOC best correspond?
  • Which businesses or learning audiences can best profit from a MOOC? Are MOOCS only suitable for large, multi-site organisations?
  • What are the most important principles to consider when setting up a MOOC? What steps must be taken to succeed?
  • What specific competences does a MOOC creator or facilitator need? (eg: Are Community Management skills required?)


Session SU210 on the importance of curation with @LnDDave David Kelly

  • Why is curation such an important concept today?
  • What are the competences that must be developed to curate well?
  • How does a good curator filter and contextualise well for his people?
  • What kinds of tools and platforms can help with curation?


Session SU301 with Shari Yocum on analysing informal networks in order to identify and develop essential business assets

  • What do you mean by “holistic analysis” and how is it conducted?
  • How can a good analysis helps to make better development choices??
  • Which tools are available and in what areas has success already been proven?


Tune back in soon to find out what I heard!


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