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9 PowerPoint tips for real business people

The internet is full of great tips on how to make PowerPoint slides PERFECT. But most people are not selling the world’s sexiest product and won’t take the time to make slides PERFECT. This post is for you, the real business people. 9 simple effective tips…


These are the basics for good looking PPT slides. They will keep you on-track for 90% of your business needs:

  • Only have 1 message or main idea per slide
  • …and make that message your slide title
  • Prefer visual messages to text
  • Replace numeric tables with charts
  • Limit the number of bullets to 5 or 6
  • Limit the number of words per bullet to 5 or 6
  • Use font size 24 to 48
  • Use “normal” fonts
  • Use a dark background with light text (if your marketing department will let you!)


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