9 must-remember guidelines to succeed with social media marketing

In training on professional usage of social media with Kluwer Formations today, I’ve been helping 9 people from different organisations get started with social media. Despite their different levels of experience, different skills and different needs, they all have one thing in common: They want to use social media to market a business, organisation or […]

Kluwer Learning Indicator 2012

5500 responses this year for the Kluwer Learning Indicator survey. But what do they all say? Let’s ask Johan De Meyer (the man who created and still runs Kluwer Training) and Nathalie Verbinnen … Some sample questions from the survey… It’s HR, not the employees who decide how learning takes places HR invests too often […]

Hubert De Neve from IMEC on “Learning at Work”

IMECs chief learning man Hubert De Neve introduced the Kluwer Meet and Greet this afternoon with a look at Learning at Work. This post tells his story (in the first person)… What have I seen in 2 decades of learning? The changes seen are mostly related to the different ways in which organisations have changed […]

Leadership = Influence (Dr Paul Hersey on “Situational Leadership”)

In a stunning display of endurance and personal effort, faced with the world’s worst microphone, but powered by an enthusiastic exhibition audience, Dr Paul Hersey (one half of the famous Hersey-Blanchard duo) explained at ASTD2012 ICE how… Leadership is basically one key skill: Influence… Good leaders exert influence by adapting their style on the basis […]

Defending training

My Twitter stream is full of excellent professional learning people and 1 major trend: Non-training based learning. The continual repetition of ideas like 70:20:10 along with the SoMeSoLearn fashion and chats like #IHateTraining are having a great impact on the learning sector. People truly understand the first 2 suppositions of the Infinite Learning principle: Training […]

Leadership competences (as noted by recent trainees)

Here is the post-it note list my recent trainees made about leadership competences over my 4 day course with Kluwer. Split into knowledge, skills and attitude…   Knowledge – a good leader should know.. His own style of communication ..and those of the team How people on the team feel The team’s strengths and weaknesses […]

Help! I can’t get past the firewall!!

Fresh off the plane and I grabbed my first victim… Chris Frederick Willis ( @media1der ) explained to me the value of MS SharePoint as a learning tool. A social learning tool. In my ex-corporate-employee mind, SharePoint is a boring static folder-based storage tool that people basically don’t use at work. Conversations with @coachwim already […]

Social Media for Trainers – Practical Example no.1

This blog-post outlines a practical example of how social media tools could be used during and after training. If you have questions, send me an email… What is the added-value of using social media for training? Improve understanding and retention of what was discussed in training Keep the learning process alive by creating longevity Provide […]

Social and Collaborative Learning – answering 2 questions from @isabeldeclercq of @kluweropleiding

In a recent blog post from @isabeldeclercq of @kluweropleiding her first 2 questions interested me: How do you overcome resistance to collaborative learning? What will be the role of managers in our future networked world? This blog post delivers my answers…   Q1 ….before answering, please note that it is slightly strange to talk about […]

Is Twitter really good for learning? (reply to @MiekWouters)

Reading @MiekWouters post about Twitter this morning on @KluwerOpleiding blogspot http://www.learninglive.be, I’m wondering: WHAT can be learnt on Twitter? Can it really increase competence? These are the questions I spend my time debating with non-Twitter lovers.. If we define competence as knowledge, skills and attitude, its clear to me that Twitter usage/benefits differ greatly per […]