Hubert De Neve from IMEC on “Learning at Work”

IMECs chief learning man Hubert De Neve introduced the Kluwer Meet and Greet this afternoon with a look at Learning at Work. This post tells his story (in the first person)… What have I seen in 2 decades of learning? The changes seen are mostly related to the different ways in which organisations have changed […]

Generation Y and New Intergenerational Issues, with Steve Gavatorta

In T+D Magazine (March 2012) from ASTD there is a great article from Steve Gavatorta concerning the arrival of Generation Y into management positions and the reaction of their baby-boomer direct reports. Any “young-gun” coming into a management position is bound to cause some upset for the more senior staff, but Steve argues that it […]

#LearningStyles “statement”

Economist like models, but don’t like stories ? Marketeers like stories, but don’t like facts ? Scientists like facts, but don’t like fun ? Gen Y likes fun, but doesn’t like experts ? Experts don’t like Gen Y, other experts or non-experts ? 🙂 Honey + Mumford like models, stories, faces and fun   I like […]