How to Apologise

This morning I read a really nice inspiring article from Kate Nasser via Twitter. You can read it here: “Teamwork: Making Apologies Worthy of Acceptance”. The article outlines the kinds of behaviours you see in good teams, in particular with regard to respect, appreciation, ownership and caring. I really liked the ideas behind the post […]

5 ways to really piss me off when you give me feedback

(And yes, the title is rude because I’m annoyed!) (And didn’t someone once say you should add some personal-flavour to blogging and social networking?)   If you really want to annoy, demotivate and alienate people, follow these 5 simple feedback “un-rules”:   Give it without warning Throwing out feedback without asking can be horribly surprising […]

Leadership resources from a recent Kluwer training

Having just completed delivery of a 4-day Leadership Training with @KluwerOpleiding (thanks @MiekWouters for the chance to have a small group :-)) I thought I’d share the email stream that built up from me to participants over the 4-days. Loads of references here…   References DAY 1 Here you can find a list of leadership […]