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Top 10 email tips for business

During training last week, we created a list of 10 top tips for effective emailing in a corporate environment. These tips are all aimed at getting maximum return-on-investment for both you and the reader.

My visiting client confirmed that these tips were really important in his company. He added that you should consider every email you send as an indicator of your “employee brand”. If you want to be thought of as professional, useful, intelligent, well-structured and generally a good colleague, try these email tips. If not, prepare to be deleted….


  1. Only send email to the right relevant people
  2. Start with a clear subject
  3. Get to the point
  4. …but use adapted politeness and “friendly stuff”
  5. Use a simple airy structure
  6. Only include the minimum effective dose of content
  7. Use “email intonation” and formatting to underline important points
  8. Avoid emotion, blame and other non-professional email content
  9. Make sure your spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct and adapted to the audience
  10. Re-read before sending


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