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Who dares wins

A few weeks ago I was speaking at a conference for a client who wanted to be inspired to move forward with social media initiatives to improve communications, learning and productivity. I did my thing and shared examples of how different tools could be used well for the different goals they had and shared best practices and helped them to discuss risks and opportunities. During the pause, the big chief came to see me and said:


“You know Dan, the trouble is that in all these kind of conference sessions we do, we hear a lot of good things, but never any examples of success stories from within our own domain. It was the same with cloud computing, big data, etc.. So I remain reticent.”


To be clear: The organisation in question is a large public non-commercial bureaucratic organisation in Belgium and it is true that there are not a hundred relevant examples of other organisations already doing the same thing. But here’s my point:


If no-one is willing to try out new things and accept some risk in being the first, how is anyone else going to be able to show relevant examples to the late-adopters? If no-one dares, no-one wins.


Am I being naive?