How L+D professionals handle training cancellations and absences

This report treats the subject of how different organisations face up to trainee cancellations and absences. 

On the 12th May 2010, I asked 34 Learning Managers and HR professionals from around Belgium the question:

 “How do you deal with trainee cancellations and absences in your organisation?”

Of the responses received by email and telephone, answers were divided across 3 camps:

  • Those who control cancellations and absences with policy
  • Those who focus on presence by creating support for value-added learning
  • Those who simply suffer the phenomenon, taking no further action

Below, you can see the content of the report.

Click here to read it: How-L-D-Professionals-Handle-Training-Cancellations-and-Absences

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Reasons for cancellation, absence and presence.. 3

Cancellation and absence vs. lack of subscriptions. 3

Why people don’t show up. 4

Why do people show up?. 4


Controlling cancellations and absences via policy. 5

Most common cancellation policy. 6

To whom should charges be made?. 6

Problems dealing with sickness. 7

Linking policy to important measurables and consequences. 7

What about internal trainings that have “no cost”?. 8

Pay now, refund when you show up. 8

Have a back-up plan for cancellations. 9

Strict vs. flexible policy. 9

Communicating policy. 10

The importance of reporting. 11


Focusing on presence by creating support for value-added learning.. 12

Make learning a priority. 12

Reward people for training rather than absence. 13

Seek agreement and buy-in from the trainees’ manager. 14

Show the ROI of training activities. 15

Build the reputation of the learning people. 15

Create real motivation by letting people choose for themselves. 16

Alternatives to the classroom: Blended learning solutions. 17

The importance of timing and time-spending 17