Communication – diverse references

After a fun 2 days full of communication exercises and learning with IT consultants last week, I delivered the following references to the participants. Maybe there is something in here you can learn from?

General references

Basic communication

“Advanced communication”

Commercial communication

Presentation skills


  • Book on “ego states”, how you build your own “story” and all things “transactional analysis psychology”: TA Today
  • 10min video on “ego states” – how your perception of the other person impacts your ability to behave in the way you want

Thanks for reading!


Random things to do when presenting

..list created by trainees recently


  • Modulate your voice VISA
  • Share eye contact
  • Deliberate gesticulation, not waving hands around for nothing
  • Deliberate walking around; not hot-flooring
  • Introduction with message and/or agenda
  • Power position
  • Strong positive words
  • No fidgeting
  • Avoid long phrases and lots of details
  • Only say useful things!
  • Finish with the key message, like the diamond structure says
  • Use humour and be light-hearted where possible
  • Enthusiasm
  • Smile!
  • Stay and look calm
  • Use visual supports
  • Build up imagery step-by-step when necessary
  • After interruptions, rewind and replay
  • Only do 1 thing at a time