A few of my favourite posts for today’s new visitors

If you’ve just read Juana Lloren’s “Inside L+D” emailing to the ASTD Learning and Development Community, thank you for clicking on my name. Wondering why she says I’m a “just a really good writer” (me too!)? Or interested to see a little more about from that wide variety of L+D posts? Have a look around […]

Neil Young on leadership, creativity, performance and people styles

I’ve been watching the special features of Jonathan Demme’s excellent capturing of Neil Young in”Heart of Gold”. These words from Neil reminded me of the ASTD2012 session of John Kao on innovation and jazz improvisation …and also got me thinking about leadership skills, changing environments, the way we manage people, creativity, the differences between people […]

On the way home… ASTD with Epsilon

Last week I spoke at a mini ASTD2012 ICE comeback conference for Epsilon. This blog outlines content and delivers references noted during the session..   To kick off the conference, I showed this small film montage (80 seconds) of the conference.. Before getting into my resume of the conference, I showed the results of my pre-conf survey […]

The Respect Effect Rocks Hard Rock Cafe

It turns out that the man with the coolest haircut at the conference also has a message. And a partner in crime. The hair belongs to Jim Knight, recently-ex-longstanding-Training Director of Hard Rock Cafe. The partner is Paul Meshanko, author of the book “The Respect Effect.” Paul has promised us that we are going to […]

Create or curate? That is NOT the question

To kick off ASTD2012 session M100, Sarah Bloomfield (Senior L+D Specialist from Google) says its tough to get up and talk at people so anonymously. That’s not her style and it doesn’t help her focus on us, the learners. That’s the topic of the session: Focus on the learner and the rest will follow… ..but […]

Jim Collins goes from good to great.. by choice

Monday morning 7th May, ASTD2012 first general session… Ambiance of a rock concert… David Gray playing loud on the PA… Film camera men installed to capture Mr Collins’ speech on why some companies thrive despite chaos, uncertainty and luck… The answer? They are Great By Choice…   According to Jim Collins, “good” is the enemy […]

HR needs to go commercial

Day 1 of ASTD2012 ICE left me with one core feeling regarding the future of HR: We need to get commercial…   I consider the commercial spirit as “positioning your offer in terms of the position of the other person”. Applied to HR, this means that HR professionals will need to be able to better […]

Aligning management development to today’s trends

What managers need to do has changed. We live in a new world of work. The challenges are different and so must be our approach. In session SU102 of ASTD2012 a panel of 3 experts * in management development shared their views on trends today and what’s coming up in the future… * see bottom […]

Help! I can’t get past the firewall!!

Fresh off the plane and I grabbed my first victim… Chris Frederick Willis ( @media1der ) explained to me the value of MS SharePoint as a learning tool. A social learning tool. In my ex-corporate-employee mind, SharePoint is a boring static folder-based storage tool that people basically don’t use at work. Conversations with @coachwim already […]

What my network expects from ASTD2012 ICE

ASTD ICE 2012 promises to be THE event for the learning community. Over 4 days, with hundreds of educational sessions, the International Conference and Exhibition is a fine opportunity to get up-to-speed on the learning world. Having seen the agenda, I know what’s on offer.But what do people want? What is MY network looking for? […]