The consultant you want to hire

One day, a client told his consultant: “I have a problem. Can you help?” The consultant replied: “If you want to discuss new solutions, please call me Resource Manager, Pierre.”   The next day, the client repeated his question to a competing consultant, working on the same project. This consultant replied: “Is it about Java?” […]

It was because of my new CEO that I left my last job

It’s true. My last CEO did a great job of making me sure I wanted to leave.   He officially joined the company in January of 2008, but I personally never saw him being active until the middle of February. In those first 6 weeks, he went around the rest of the world on a […]

Kill your sacred cows

Phaedrus remembered reading about an experiment with special glasses that made users see everything upside down and backwards. Soon their minds adjusted and they began to see the world “normally” again. After a few weeks, when the glasses were removed, the subjects again saw everything upside down again and had to relearn the vision they […]