Techniques to engage people when you facilitate change

Dutch actor, coach, trainer and speaker Juanita Coble kicks off session #W110 on change and the importance of engaging people in the process. Welcome to ASTD2014 day 4…   According to Coble, Neuroscience tells us that when people are uncertain, they move into an “away state”. This accounts for many of the negative reactions to […]

How to convert your learning into story, step-by-step

Following a sweet true-story-based and lovely introduction from Aaron Stroud, his wife Katie takes the stage to tell us about story for learning during session W202 of ASTD2014. She said that when she researched the topic herself, she found a lot of information about the importance of story and it’s benefits, but not much about […]

5 reasons why Dan Steer and Barney Stinson are the same person, by Christophe Schmitz

During a recent presentation skills training, one of my participants suggested I was like Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother”. At the time, this meant nothing to me, as I had never seen the sitcom. 2 weeks later, I received a spontaneous email from another participant of that training, Christophe Schmitz, containing this […]

The impact of Dan Steer on your everyday life, by Tim Van Acker

Tim Van Acker followed my Leadership Foundation training at the University of Gent in June last year and apparently I’ve been haunting him ever since 🙂 What follows is a short article Tim wrote to share with other members of my LinkedIn group “Leadership Foundation”, where previous participants and people interested in the topic can […]

Merci d’avoir assistĂ© Ă  mes confĂ©rĂ©nces #Epsilon2012

Si vous venez de cliquer sur le lien ou code QR lots du confĂ©rence Forum Plus #Epsilon2012, merci. Cette page Ă  pour but de vous donner 4 choses: Un lien vers toutes les rĂ©fĂ©rences liĂ©es Ă  mes deux sujets du confĂ©rence Les informations relatives Ă  mes formation “ouvertes” de 2013 Un peu plus d’informations Ă  […]

Storytelling increases recall

I received this email yesterday, spontaneously, from a Presentation Skills training participant. We had discussed the power of storytelling, including how it increases recall… For more on this topic, follow this link   Dan,   I couldn’t find your business card straight away for your email address so I picked this one up at your […]

4 spontaneous feedback moments this month

It’s always nice to get some feedback about positive performance… …even nicer when you didn’t ask for it! This month, I had 4 particular spontaneous feedbacks from satisfied clients. Being a proud young man, I share 🙂   “After your training, someone told me I was a good listener. It’s the first time in my […]