Default to believe, then conditioned for stability

When we are young we believe anything. If, like me, you have small children you have already seen this in action. They will believe literally anything. They can believe anything. This inherent naivety or open-mindedness is key to development. Without it, we cannot discover or learn anything new. We need first to be able to […]

Job hunting strategy and 16 tips

If you are looking for a job, this post will explain the single most important thing you need to know about your job-seeking strategy. It also delivers 16 tips to get you on your way to employment…   First of all, a few assumptions Assumption number 1: There are enough jobs for everyone Assumption number […]

Make Effective Tables for your Presentation – 8 Simple Tips

Too many numbers, lack of focus and bad formatting make tables impossible to understand and energy consuming for your audience. Follow these 8 simple tips to make effective tables that you can use with pride in your presentation.   If you need to present numbers, you may believe (like me and Gene Zelazny) that graphs […]

Goal-setting alone goes nowhere

This is an angry blog-post, fuelled by failure and feeling lost. Trying to “get what you want” and “achieve goals” has driven me mad. At the age of 35, I’ve had enough. It may have started with my parents, who either pushed me towards goals or didn’t stop me from my own endless pursuit of […]