The consultant you want to hire

One day, a client told his consultant: “I have a problem. Can you help?” The consultant replied: “If you want to discuss new solutions, please call me Resource Manager, Pierre.”   The next day, the client repeated his question to a competing consultant, working on the same project. This consultant replied: “Is it about Java?” […]

Gardening for happiness

A young woman was dissatisfied with her garden. She didn’t find it pretty. One day, she stumbled upon the local garden centre and went inside. Hearing her unhappiness, the garden centre employee proposed: “Why don’t you add some flowers?” So the young lady bought roses and begonias, daffodils to plant and many other varieties of colourful […]

Experimenting with Dice Life

I am always “Dan Steer”. My preferences, habits and “personality” are recognisably quite stable: “Dan Steer”. As I go through life, those things can change. Sometimes slowly and occasionally, or sometimes might I prefer something radically different. I might break an old habit or seem to be happy or sad. But the thin red line […]

What is a surfer? (A cultural inquiry)

“What is a surfer?” This is the question that got me thinking these last two weeks at La Pointe de la Torche. It’s clear that I am not. Not because of inability, but because to be a surfer means more than being able to surf. It is no more the case that everyone able to […]