Liz Wiseman wants us to multiply

Liz Wiseman is closing ASTD2013. At this point in the day, the audience is tough. Most, like me, have already followed about 16 intense sessions with learning leaders from around the world on a variety of topics. Many have listening, tweeted and taken other notes, all at the same time. (And they partied all night. […]

Karl Kapp on Gamification

Session W209 of the ASTD2013 ICE featured Karl Kapp, world leading expert on gamification talking about how gamification can improve learning.   Gamification is the use of game-based mechanics or game thinking to promote learning, motivate action and solve problems. In the US, the military have used massive open online multiplayer games to define military […]

Evaluating informal learning or focussing on what counts?

Session W112 is about to kick-off with Saul Carliner, Associate Professor of Concordia University (Montreal). On the last day of the conference, it is good to see so many smiley learning geeks still ready to soak up some information. And the big surprise already is that Saul is actually able to engage the audience… Even […]

Bringing some rock and roll to your training

Rick Lozano is engaging people. Correction: He is ROCKING people. Literally. With a guitar!   During ASTD2013 session TU100 we are learning about what the world of rock and roll can bring to training. Rick thinks that too much training is boring, dry and non-engaging. Here are 15 ideas inspired by rock concerts and the […]

If you knew your brain, you would develop talent differently

Retaining and developing talent is not what you think it is. ASTD2013 session M106 was led by David Rock from the NeuroLeadership Institute. Based on the meta-research of thousands of Neuro-science studies, the NeuroLeadership Institute says that we can really do a much better job of helping leaders make decisions and solve problems, regulate emotions, […]

Bring some Disney magic to your learning customers

The ASTD2013 session M319 with Disney is packed. It’s hot (it’s Texas!) and there is a promise in the air of a great session on the importance of customer service in business and in learning.   Disney is famous for its customer service. Many years ago, dear old Walt said that his people should “give […]

Key learning design steps to get right, unless you don’t want any change

Day 2 of ASTD2013 seems to be taking a theme and it is this: What we are doing in the learning doesn’t work! In session M200, speaker Francis Wade is helping us to understand why it is so difficult to create real change with learning programmes and to see what we can do about it. […]

Ken Robinson on your element, education and unique extraordinary life

“One of the most influential thinkers in creativity today” says FAST Company “Knight of the royal realm” says the Queen of England “Keynote speaker to kick off the ICE” says ASTD2013 According to Ken Robinson, it is early. Too early. Having spent the night trying to remember how to sleep, he is not sure it’s […]

Tony Bingham (still) encourages you to go mobile (again)

Following this morning’s Acrobatic Stunt Tempting Death with the awesome and funny comedy juggling duo The Passing Zone, ASTD President Tony Bingham opens the second day of the ASTD2013 ICE in Dallas. What’s on Tony’s mind today? According to Tony Bingham, the “me, me, me generation” is having an impact on how we do learning […]

Analysing and evaluating informal social networks

ASTD2013 session SU301 is all about informal networks. Many learning professionals have heard that informal networks are extremely influential, also “producing” the vast majority of learning in an organisation.   Yet HR people traditionally put most of their efforts into formal processes, communications, learning or training initiatives and well-defined communities of practice or functional/organisational charts. […]