Learning Methods A to Z

There are SO many ways to approach learning. This post is the beginning of a learning methods A to Z, based on ideas I have been collecting and discussing in various conferences and workshops… If you have ideas, please comment and I will add them!



  • Agenda tracking (time-tracking – see when you are most productive etc..)
  • Allowing mistakes
  • Asking auestions
  • Assessment





  • Case Studies
  • Challenge (something to stretch you out of your comfort zone)
  • Coaching (defined here as “helping other people to find their own answers to their own questions” – in contrast to “mentoring”)
  • Collaboration (just working together leads to learning too!)
  • Conferences
  • Conversation
  • Curating content (maybe using tools like Paper.Li or Pearltrees)



  • Digital libraries, virtual bookshelf (like Shelfari.com)
  • Discussion
  • Documents (templates, company processes)



  • e-Learning
  • Emailing (communication updates, tips and tricks…)
  • Exercise (eg security drills, fire alarms)
  • Experience
  • Evaluation (thus improving self-knowledge…)









  • InfoGraphics (like this one.. you can stick them on walls like posters, email or share via SoMe sites…)
  • Info Sessions (basic knowledge sharing sessions)
  • “In my shoes” (another name for “job rotation“)
  • Innovation (maybe using a tool like “IdeaScale“)
  • Internet
  • Intervision (like “supervision”, but between peers)
  • Intranet



  • Job-aids (eg posters, quick reference guides, cheatsheets and other things on or near the place of work to remind processes or important behaviours)
  • Job rotation
  • Job shadowing
  • Job sharing



  • Knowledge pool (or competence matrix (per person))
  • Knowledge management
  • Knowledge sharing sessions (also known as “info sessions”)



  • Language Lunches (native speakers of one target language eat lunch with non-native speakers in order to improve language skills)
  • Learning Narration
  • Learning Tracking
  • Lecture
  • “Lunch and Learn”



  • Meetings
  • Member associations
  • Mentoring (defined here as “giving people expert answers to their questions” – in contrast to “Coaching“)
  • (Meeting) Minutes
  • MOOC – get some MOOC tips here, courtesy of @elearningPosts
  • Mystery caller (common method in retail/call-centre environment for assessing service and (later) giving feedback)



  • Networking
  • Note-making; note-taking (maybe done socially by a group of people)



  • Observation
  • Onboarding
  • On-the-Job training
  • Outplacement



    • “Parrainage” (when joining a company, a “godfather” is assigned to a new joiner who can tell you simple things like, for example, where the photocopier is or who to speak to about your car expenses…)
    • Peer Coaching (like Coaching, but done in groups between people in similar functions or levels)
    • Personal Knowledge Management
    • Podcast
    • Portfolio sharing – (eg Dribbble)
    • Posters
    • Practice
    • Presentations (which might be shared online using tools like SlideShare or Prezi)
    • Problem solving








  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Search engines
  • Self-reflection
  • Serious Games
  • Simulations
  • Social Learning (learning that takes place with other people, via connectivity and sharing)
  • Social Media (web 2.0 sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Social Networking (often done using “social media”, a connected network of people who share and work together)
  • Scrum Meetings
  • Supervision



  • Team Building Events
  • Teaching
  • Television
  • Thinking
  • Time out
  • Tinkering (thanks @rotanarotana for this idea)
  • Trade magazines
  • Traineeship
  • Training
  • Trial and Error





  • Video (eg YouTube or other platforms as used, for example, in “BT Dare to Share“)
  • Virtual reality 5platforms like, for example, “”Second Life“)








Thanks for reading!

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