2012 Annual Report

To wrap up a very successful year and to welcome in 2013, this post outlines my major achievements for the past year.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and helped me grow in results, in mind and in competence.

See you next year!


Business growth inline with previous years

  • Revenue = 22.1% growth on 2011
  • Number training days delivered = 108
  • Number man/training-days = 1099
  • Number NEW people trained/conferenced in 2012 = 1192
  • Welcomed my 3000th training participant on Dec 13th during the Kluwer Management Assistant Day


Conference speaking became a more important activity


Visited ASTD2012 ICE Denver, sponsored by Kluwer


Got new clients and did a mix of work, with some new colleagues

  • Ran my 1st “open-calendar” training in May for “Presentation Skills” ..and set up second open-training for January 2013 for “Prezi”
  • Did 2 brainstorming sessions – one on the use of social media for work productivity and one for a Belgian training company who wants to improve their offer
  • New clients including Fed-Gov, Belfius, Demos, Ephec, Electrolux, Elia, Ipsen, Yara
  • Continued with many of my own clients, particularly that large international food client who doesn’t like to be named, Interel in Brussels, The University of Gent, Kluwer and Cefora
  • New prospects in the pipeline for 2013 look pretty solid
  • Outsourced work to 2 new people and continued with one person from last year
  • Delivered 56 days of training for Kluwer
  • Massive upgrade of training with social media before, during and after
  • Deliberate official use of last year’s NLP training in coaching activities with the logical levels method


Continued efforts with writing and different social media platforms to grow visibility and publish ideas

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • 1268 followers at the time of writing (up from 303 end 2011)
  • RTs and mentions are now regular, rather than a surprise from time-to-time
  • Failed in my second attempt at a Twitter chat 😦
  • Starting to experiment with a Facebook fan page
  • Continuous use of LinkedIn groups for Presentation Skills (50 members) and Leadership Foundation (86members)

Other writing…


…and that’s pretty much it.. …except for my pre-summer mini-burn-out, post-summer new work ethic, new motorbike and 14 weeks holiday πŸ™‚

Published by Dan Steer

Wandering corporate trainer, learning and development consultant, conference speaker and professional El-Magico. I help people get better at stuff by creating and facilitating Infinite Learning Β© opportunities. The world would be a better place if everyone was doing what he loved and doing it well. I am working to bring out the "El Magico" in everybody. Training in presentation and communication skills, leadership, social media for learning and marketing, learning and development management + personal effectiveness.

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