Talent, competence and the need for vision, simplicity and action

In a difficult economic context, it is even more important to focus on competence development and even more important to identify the right people to retain. But how? During the HR Day of SD Worx, Jief Van Humbeeck offered a few ideas…   First things first: What do we mean by “competence”? My own definition […]

Happiness and Gamification according to Michel Schwarz

Over the last few years, I have occasionally bumped into a very happy looking man during French-speaking learning conferences like the Epsilon Forum+ 2012. I also saw him once at a well-being conference I attended with my wife in Namur. His name: Michel Schwarz. His mission: Help make people happy. His company: Happiness (Inside Me). […]

HR and The New Way of Working, according to SD Worx

Sitting in a greenhouse without wifi in Gesves, it’s difficult to remember its 2012 and this is the New World of Work. Having driven up, down and through the winding countryside under sunny skies on my Virago, this is far from the corporate village of learning + development and presentation skills training of last night.. […]

Re-engineering training

Reading the Wired “World in 2013” magazine, the opening article by inventor and businessman James Dyson got me thinking. He explains that real improvement (in this case, regarding “green innovations”) doesn’t come from obliging people to scrape the bottom of the usual barrel to save a few pennies. Real improvement comes from entirely rethinking our […]

Community Management Training (French)

A short overview of the “community management” training programme I created for French speaking government organisation….   Objectif de la formation = « Savoir comment gérer efficacement une communauté afin de la faire vivre » Une prise de conscience de temps, ressources, enjeux et « best practices »   Une offre de formation créée sur mesure et focalisée sur […]

MED – today’s most important effectiveness principle

I went to the doctor the other month with a headache and he hit over the head with a plank of wood. Wrong solution. Made things worse. I went to another and he gave me 500mg of Ibuprofen. Right solution, but not enough to calm the symptoms. I went to third doctor and he prescribed […]

Merci d’avoir assisté à mes conférénces #Epsilon2012

Si vous venez de cliquer sur le lien ou code QR lots du conférence Forum Plus #Epsilon2012, merci. Cette page à pour but de vous donner 4 choses: Un lien vers toutes les références liées à mes deux sujets du conférence Les informations relatives à mes formation “ouvertes” de 2013 Un peu plus d’informations à […]

Presentation Skills training with @dan_steer 21st and 28th March 2013

If you want to learn how to architect and deliver awesome presentations, join me in Brussels for the this training. Read on for more information… ..but if you just want to keep self learning, skip to the references at the end of this blog. There’s a lot of great content!   Training, 21st and 28th […]

Epsilon2012 – Gamification for Learning

This page delivers all references from my Epsilon2012 Forum+ session on practical examples of how to use social media for formal learning. Have a look at the Prezi, or scroll down for more references. Thanks for reading! D Follow me on Twitter     References noted within the Prezi The game I play in leadership […]