Speaking at Epsilon Forum Plus, 13th November

On the 13th November, I will be speaking at the Epsilon Forum + conference in Louvain La Neuve.

This event is open to all Learning + Development professionals who want to network and learn (from each other, as well as some experts). If you want a free entry to the conference, just email me, call me or Twitter DM me and I will arrange it. Otherwise, 150 euros entry fee.

I will be speaking on 2 topics: “Practical Usage of Social Media for Formal Learning” and “Gamification of Learning”.

Here is the short text I wrote to publicise these sessions…
See you there?


Comment intégrer les médias sociaux dans vos projets d’apprentissages et formations?
Les médias sociaux améliorent l’apprentissage. Mais comment? Que faire ? Quand ?Dan Steer propose des conseils 100% pratiques à mettre en place dans vos formations et/ou initiatives d’apprentissage intentionnelles.
Aucun «hype». Uniquement du concret applicable à votre réalité d’entreprise.
Vous partirez prêts à commencer ou vous améliorer.


« Gamification et Learning » : La ludification de l’apprentissage, comment peut-elle aider ?
La «ludification» nous oblige à n’être ni électronique ni coûteux. Elle a des possibilités énormes.
Des mécanismes du jeu apportent des vrais résultats d’apprentissages.
Dan Steer partagera ses expériences et des bons exemples.
Vous comprendrez les enjeux, les pièges et les processus à suivre.
De quoi s’inspirer !


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Published by Dan Steer

For the last 17 years, I have been helping businesses and individuals to achieve their goals through delivery of tailor-made learning and development initiatives. Most of the time, I deliver training, coach individuals, facilitate brainstorming sessions, round-table meetings and workshops. As a consultant, I help my clients to promote and profit from the infinite learning opportunities within and without their own organisation, drawing on my L+D management experience, strategic approach and creativity, As a speaker, I inspire through story, humour and pertinent little bits of theory. I believe that the world would be a better place if people were happily working on their mission with competence and alignment to personal values. As a freelance worker since 2008, I have helped more than 11000 individuals to improve their presentation, communication, commercial, leadership and negotiation skills. I confront people with their own behaviour and convictions, facilitating and giving pertinent feedback and clear ideas on where to continue good work and improve. I seek to satisfy my clients with creative and to-the-point solutions… …and I make music, but no-one pays me much for it yet :-) First single here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0ShlY95X4E

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