Hubert De Neve from IMEC on “Learning at Work”

IMECs chief learning man Hubert De Neve introduced the Kluwer Meet and Greet this afternoon with a look at Learning at Work. This post tells his story (in the first person)…

What have I seen in 2 decades of learning?

The changes seen are mostly related to the different ways in which organisations have changed over these last 2 decades:

  • “Scale” becomes “Functional Business Units”
  • “Standardisation” becomes “Customisation”
  • “Fixed job descriptions” becomes “Flexible workers”
  • “Financial capital” becomes “Human capital”
  • “Operational control” (by management) becomes “Competence Management”
  • …and what does this mean for the business world on a larger, global view?
    We are no longer in the Industrial Era, but in the Knowledge Era.

    What does this mean for Learning Professionals and HR people?

  • HR is moving away from controlling processes (payroll, benefits…) towards real learning consultancy. Learning people need to get better in touch with the core drivers of the business, learn how to consult and bring real value solutions to the organisation.
  • HR people need to change their vision of the employees they are serving. If employees are no longer industrial workers who do the same fixed function in the same fixed way, needing control and discipline, then how we serve them needs to evolve too: Creating opportunities to become truly flexible in their work, providing the same business results in less time.
  • We need to stop trying to fit people into boxes of “required competences” and train them to have those and move towards recognising the individual strengths of each employee and leverage those to create real value
  • What is coming next?

  • Generation Y wants it all now (including the fun) and we will need even more to find ways to accommodate that in what we provide at work
  • We need to incorporate differ technologies, media, devices and approaches to learning. Granularity that allows each person to serve himself.
  • We all know that social media is important for learning, but in the future apps on smartphones will be a major part of workplace learning
  • We will need to bring even more meaning to our people, in all it’s sense. As @danielpink says in his book “Drive” a sense of purpose is a major source of intrinsic motivation for people in the New World of World. Workers need to identify with the mission, vision and values of the organisation. That will bring passion and that will bring real great work!
  • …that’s where I stop. Hubert is speaking 3 languages and I have to save some brain power for my own speeches later 🙂

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