I think, therefore I am. Not.

When French philosopher René Descartes announced “I think therefore I am” he launched the first widely accepted dualist philosophy. There is mind and there is body, he said. Since that day, a great many people have talked about the power of the mind over the body. I myself once completed a marathon without running one […]

Prezi training with @dan_steer on 16th + 23rd January 2013 (9am to 1.30pm)

I have spent several months getting up-to-speed on the tool and am now offering that expertise via 2 half-days of hands-on training. If you are wondering how to use Prezi in a professional way, but didn’t take the time yet to figure it out for yourself, come to this training. If you are not so […]

Shit – I’ve got no cash! (8 other financials to measure)

Yesterday evening, I received an email from my wife (I know, modern times, eh ?) saying that she was miserable because despite working so hard , when she opened her account she was minus 500 euros. I replied (face-to-face, the loving husband that I am J ) that the problem was not her bank account, but […]

How to Apologise

This morning I read a really nice inspiring article from Kate Nasser via Twitter. You can read it here: “Teamwork: Making Apologies Worthy of Acceptance”. The article outlines the kinds of behaviours you see in good teams, in particular with regard to respect, appreciation, ownership and caring. I really liked the ideas behind the post […]

Speaking at Epsilon Forum Plus, 13th November

On the 13th November, I will be speaking at the Epsilon Forum + conference in Louvain La Neuve. This event is open to all Learning + Development professionals who want to network and learn (from each other, as well as some experts). If you want a free entry to the conference, just email me, call […]

Commenting on “Performance Review Tips”

Just read an article from Entrepreneur via @TDMag on Twitter and tried to post a reply, but my iPhone seemed to disagree. Seemed easier to write here and post the link instead… Read the article first by following this link Now, my reply… The phrase “giving performance reviews” worries me and although it may sound […]

Consultancy competences

In a recent training delivered by one of my colleagues, new joiners in one of the world’s leading consultancy companies got together to create a list of competences required to be a good consultant. Here is what they said:   You have to know some things… ..technology solutions ..how people work & listen ..how to […]

Kluwer Learning Indicator 2012

5500 responses this year for the Kluwer Learning Indicator survey. But what do they all say? Let’s ask Johan De Meyer (the man who created and still runs Kluwer Training) and Nathalie Verbinnen … Some sample questions from the survey… It’s HR, not the employees who decide how learning takes places HR invests too often […]

Hubert De Neve from IMEC on “Learning at Work”

IMECs chief learning man Hubert De Neve introduced the Kluwer Meet and Greet this afternoon with a look at Learning at Work. This post tells his story (in the first person)… What have I seen in 2 decades of learning? The changes seen are mostly related to the different ways in which organisations have changed […]