Message to my godson

I was asked to write something in the “birth book” of my godson, born 6 weeks ago. Serious stuff, so I took it seriously. I like the message and I think it is at least worth remembering for myself. If you like it too, then I’m happy to have shared…


Here you are.
Breathing. Being. Doing.


“Who are you?” “What do you want?” “What do you care about?”
Some days, you will ask these questions and be lost.
Other days, you will storm forward with disregard.


But you will always be yourself:
A glorious expression of the infinite unified divine beauty of everything that is.


You are magnificent.
You are loved.
You have in yourself everything you need.
You are free.
And you are writing your own story every second.


Be happy.
Have fun.



Published by Dan Steer

For the last 17 years, I have been helping businesses and individuals to achieve their goals through delivery of tailor-made learning and development initiatives. Most of the time, I deliver training, coach individuals, facilitate brainstorming sessions, round-table meetings and workshops. As a consultant, I help my clients to promote and profit from the infinite learning opportunities within and without their own organisation, drawing on my L+D management experience, strategic approach and creativity, As a speaker, I inspire through story, humour and pertinent little bits of theory. I believe that the world would be a better place if people were happily working on their mission with competence and alignment to personal values. As a freelance worker since 2008, I have helped more than 11000 individuals to improve their presentation, communication, commercial, leadership and negotiation skills. I confront people with their own behaviour and convictions, facilitating and giving pertinent feedback and clear ideas on where to continue good work and improve. I seek to satisfy my clients with creative and to-the-point solutions… …and I make music, but no-one pays me much for it yet :-) First single here:

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