The Best Prezi Tips I Found Today

33 tips for Prezi users to improve their Prezi presentation. Including structure, movement, paths, backgrounds, rotated-text, quality screenshots, images, keyboard shortcuts, using YouTube, adding music and step-sounds, embedding in WordPress …

Over the last few months, I have been browsing around for cool prezi tips . This post lists all my favourites. Please share!

Given the initial success of this post and my work with Prezi, I now run a training session on the tool. More information here: Prezi training with @dan_steer


Right, let’s get started…




1 Create your basic structure close up, then add details zoomed-in

This is in line with my work on how to make a presentation in 5 steps. In Prezi, focus first on getting the big picture sorted, then add the details. The big picture should be closest to the eye, the details can be smaller, zoomed in. Use the layers.


2 Don’t overdo movement

The movement in Prezi is one of the cool selling point features that make us like it, but as with any presentation, your content needs to be minimum effective dose : do what only is necessary to support your needs or message.

  • Use movement to show the relationship between elements and to support the story-telling of your prezi
  • Make small steps between things that will be discovered “quickly” over the course of your actual presentaion to the public
  • Use big steps to mark the transition between different parts of your presentation structure

Good Prezi movement and structure is explained in detail here:


3 Add frames to your path as you edit in order not to lose things in Prezi

When you add things on your canvas, sometimes they can get lost. To avoid this problem:

  • When you have added something on your canvas, click on “edit path” and add it immediately to the pathway
  • ..that way, if you move it around, resize it and “lose” that bit of your Prezi, you can just click on the frame in the “edit path” navigation bar on the left and Prezi will take you back there… 


4 …but don’t worry about the final presentation order until near the end

If you are clear about your presentation structure, then you know more-or-less what your final Prezi path is going to look like from the start. But don’t worry about the exact order until you have finished adding everything. You WILL make changes anyway.


5 You can “bring-to-front” or copy/paste just like in PowerPoint.. order to move things from the front/back of the canvas

Note: I don’t mean zoom in/out, I just mean that in any one 2D-position on the canvas, you can change which things are on top of others, just like would in PowerPoint.


6 Select multiple elements on a Prezi canvas

There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Hold down the “shift” button on your computer, then click and hold your left mouse button while you drag the pointer over the canvas to select several elements
  • Click one element, hold down the “shift” button on your computer, click on the next element, keep holding “shift” and continue…


7 Group elements together so you can move, resize, rotate and work with them as “one element”

Just as you can group things in PowerPoint, you can do the same in Prezi.

  • Follow tip 6 to select multiple items
  • … then click on the little “padlock” icon to lock them all together
  • (You can unlock them later if you want to)


8 Make a big bold call-to-action with a font that contains all your content inside it…

No idea what I mean? Watch this video to see how sexy-fonts can help you make beautiful Prezi presentations…


9 If you have a PowerPoint presentation, import it into Prezi

Yes, you can import PPT into prezi! Watch this movie for a functional explanation.

Once you have done that, you can place your slides in order to create structure, show level of importance of content, groups slides together using frames, add formatting, images, arrows etc…





10 If you want your rotated text to still look rotated in “SHOW” (presentation) mode, you can..

Just put an invisible frame around it and point to that (instead of the text itself) when you create your path.


11 Use 3D backgrounds

The guys at Prezi send me emails with tips from time-to-time and this is one of my favourites. The backgrounds that are possible with 3D and multiple 3D are awesome.


12 Fade-in things within a frame

Sometimes it can be handy to have things fade-in onto the screen just like we do in PPT. Follow this link to see how to achieve this in Prezi. Its very easy to fade in anything in a frame…

  • (As I said above, it is important to focus on minimum effective dose and in general I’m not a fan of this kind of animation)


13 Create extremely high-quality webpage “screenshots” in your Prezi

Because of the zoom feature in Prezi, what at first looks good when screen-captured from the web can look pretty bad when you zoom in. If you want to do a good job of zooming in on things you screenshotted from the web DO NOT use print-screen on your computer:

  • Instead, create a PDF of the web-page you want to show
  • Use this website to do this for free:
  • Import the PDF image of your web-page into Prezi and it will be super high-quality at all zoom levels a side-note here, if you do screenshot things, set your computer screen preferences to 1024 * 768


14 Try some cool templates

If you read my other post on how to import PowerPoint to Prezi with style you know I’m not a fan of the standard options in Prezi. They are nice, but already starting to get a little old. If you want something new, check out some of the Prezi templates at There is a limited collection of things free to download, but the price of an app will get you something really tasteful…


15 Customise theme colours in Prezi and keep your marketing department happy

You can do this by manually custom formatting the colours + fonts via the theme wizard in Prezi

  • Go to “Template” menu
  • Click on “Customise Current Theme” at the bottom of the “theme” area
  • Click on “advanced” and choose your colours


16 …then save your custom theme for the future

At any moment when you are editing your Prezi, you can click on “Theme” and scroll down to the bottom to “Save Current Theme”. Easy!


17 Add background music to your Prezi

If you want your Prezi to have music playing in the background, this is easyto achieve now (March 2013):

  • Click on “insert”
  • Choose “add background music”
  • Most obvious music file types will work (MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC, MP4, and 3GP) and certainly if they already work in iTunes. Prezi will convert them if necessary.
  • You can see that the music has been added by looking at the top of the “edit-path” navigation bar on the left
  • …that’s where you go to delete the music as well


18 Add sound at a specific moment of your Prezi presentation

Have a look at this Prezi. You will see that I’ve added sound files at specific moments in order to explain my content. This takes a bit of work, but is really easy.

  • Record your sound file. You can do this with your PC (sound-recorder) or, as I did, with an iPhone.
  • Select the relevant step of your path in the “edit-path” navigation bar on the left
  • Click on “insert”
  • Choose “add voice-over to path step [#]”
  • As with background music, most sound file types will work and Prezi will convert them if necessary
  • can easily delete them from the step by using the “edit-path” menu on the left

Prezi ZenDesk has published a tutorial on how to insert music into your Prezi – this tutorial explains tips 16 and 17 in detail so you can add music in the background or at specific steps.


19 Manage the way YouTube videos are treated when showing your Prezi

When actually delivering a presentation, it might be good to first say a word about a video before showing it, but you other times you might want it to play automatically.

Today (6th May 2013) when you insert a YouTube film, Prezi puts a frame around it and adds the frame to your path. This means that the film will not play automatically. You have to click it.

If you want to get Prezi to play the film immediately when it gets to that point in the path:

  • Remove the frame (be careful not to delete the film)
  • Click on “edit path” and then click on the film element itself
  • This will add the film to the path, thus is will play automatically

If you change your mind, just put a frame around the film again and add the frame to your path. This will mean you need to click on the “play” icon to play the film. 


20 Add some free flash to your Prezi


Prezi works quite well with (SWF) flash files and you can insert them onto your canvas like any other element. A few additional tips:

  • If you are making flash files for Prezi yourself, work with a 30fps frame-rate. That’s the speed Prezi will run it at, so you won’t get any surprises like my friend who had prepared a jogging Flash man who ended up sprinting!
  • If you need free Flash files, you can get some here: – I used a free file from for the smoking background in this Prezi


21 Convert GIF files into SWF files to use the animation

Animated GIF files do not work in Prezi. You need to convert them to an SWF (flash) file first. You can do this with a free GIF to SWF convertor. More information from the Prezi team here.





22 Add things to the path regularly

Sometimes I get lost in my Prezi, wondering “Where did I put that word?” The more I use the dimensions and depth, the more this happens. To avoid this:

  • When you add something you don’t want to lose, add it to your path
  • on “edit path” and add the object”
  • That way, you can always navigate back to it later and edit some more
  • ..and delete it from your presentation path if you want to


23 Delete frames without deleting content

Be careful when you delete a frame. It will delete everything inside. Unless ….

  • Click on the frame
  • Choose “frame options” (to the left of the classic “delete button”) and click on on the “delete frame only” button (at the bottom)


  • Right click on the frame
  • Choose “remove frame without deleting content”


24 Use an external mouse to edit, not a laptop touch-pad

Really. Just stop it. I’ve seen so many people struggling in training. Just buy a mouse!


25 Prezi has shortcuts too. Use them.

Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use when creating your Prezi online or on the desktop version:

  • If they don’t work, you need to enable shortcuts via the settings menu on the top-right of the Prezi you are editing.


26 Use a remote mouse to control your Prezi presentation (in a conference, like with MS PPT)

According to the Prezi guys, most remotes will work with Prezi straight away and if not, you can use the desktop software. Frankly, I couldn’t get mine to work at all at first. (Note: 26th Sept 2013 – It does now!)

It works now (update: March 2013) but just in case: Here is a work-around for presenting via your online account that I found on this Prezi community page:

  • Create your path as you would
  • In edit mode, click anywhere (not twice, as that adds text) then press “space-bar” to enter “show” mode
  • If your browser is still showing all the menu-bars, change it to full-screen mode
  • Your remote will take you through the path. Simple as that!


27 Embed your Prezi in WordPress

For an example of what I mean, have a look at this post.

It’s quite simple to do, but not so obvious to figure-out.


28 Use your Prezi as a whole website!!

If you don’t want to develop a whole website, why not just use Prezi as one. You can have a Prezi presentation as your homepage, with none of the page around it.


Note: Today (26th Sept 2013) I can’t open this link any more, so here it is step-by-step:


29 Choose good Prezi titles for search engine optimisation has a high SEO score and is a really popular site. Presentations published on the Prezi platform are easily found by Google.

If you want your Prezis to be found by Google-searchers, then use good keywords in the title, eg: Your company name + content-related words.


30 Give your audience a hand-out

Easy! Just click on “print” in Prezi and save a PDF copy.


31 Use prezi at the right time of the day, in the right browser

  • If you are using Prezi in Europe, do it in the morning. It goes a lot better, probably because the USA is still sleeping.
  • …and use Firefox. Its far more reliable for Prezi editing than Internet Explorer.


32 Change the url of your Prezi

This is perhaps the world’s most obvious Prezi tip, but in case you (like me) were wondering: If you update the title of your Prezi presentation, it will correspondingly update the url. Bearing in that Prezi is pretty SEO friendly, this may have a positive (or negative) impact on your page-ranking via search.


33 If you have good images, save them to “My Collection”

If you are sharing a Prezi logon or regularly using the same images yourself, it is efficient more efficient to save them to Prezi in “My Collection” rather than have to upload or copy them each time:

  • Right click on the image
  • “Add to My Collection”
  • You will find them all waiting for you when you next use “insert”
  • the part “My Collection”



That’s all for now!


Have fun!

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  1. Dude, this is the best practical post on prezi on the web! Keep it up! Cheers from Moscow)

    1. Thanks Mikhail

      Are there particular topics you would like to know more about?

      Don’t forget to check out the other Prezi posts on my blog:
      * 7 more tips –>
      * How to import PowerPoint with style –>
      * How to structure your Prezi well –>

      …and follow the blog by putting in your email address.
      See you soon!

      1. Dan, I have a suggestion: iIt may sound reasonable to make this post dynamic by addinig your subsequent practical hints as subsections to this post?! Of course, I read the other posts, they are also cool. But if you would add (update) to this post eventually it will turn in into The Best Prezi Tips, some sort of a constantly updated practical Manual. So people would come and read one post and enlighten)) Nevetheless, I signed with my e-mail not to miss further posts.

        And the topic I am really interested in is 3D stuff. I just got a 2d to 3d converting monitor)) So now we plan to make prezies that would look great both in regular view and in 3d projectors/monitors. I bet the audience will love it))

        Thank you very much for your work!


      2. Good suggestion Mikhail… just more work :-/

        No, seriously, I was already thinking the same thing myself, as this post gets lots of traffic and the others don’t.

        I will certainly add links to the other pages and think about how to keep it up-to-date.

        Thank you for the feedback.

        ps – don’t forget to check out my most popular most on how to make a presentation (Prezi or not):

      3. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just read the best practical guide on prezi! Please repost not only to appreciate Dan’s supper effort, but also to help beginners in their learning.

        Once again, Dan, you are extremely super cool!!!


  2. Thanks for all your tips and advies. I have made my first presentation in Prezi and our son helped me to get on my way. Now I have a question: how can I fade several (5 or 6) items in a frame, one by one. In the same way as I did with PowerPoint?
    Tanks for your all tips.
    Rob Lammers – Maastricht/Netherlands

    1. Great to hear its going so well Rob!

      To fade in elements like in PPT, you need to do some work in the “edit path” bar.

      1. You cannot fade things in unless they are in frames
      2. If you have things that you want to fade in but don’t want to see a frame itself, use an invisible frame
      3. Click on “edit path” (on the left)
      4. Add the (invisible) frame to your path
      5. Next to the frame (in the “edit path” side-bar) you will see a little “star” symbol. Click on it.
      6. Now you are in the “fade” editing box. Different elements in your (invisible) frame are now available to be faded.
      7. Click on the elements you want to fade in, in the order you want them to arrive
      (Note: If you want the first one to be there already – no fade, arrive WITH the (invisible) frame – then don’t animate it

      Note: At the moment, you cannot fade things out. As a work around, you could always fade a coloured box OVER the things you want to make disappear. Messy, but it might work…

      Hope this helps! Let me know??


  3. Hello Dan,

    Thanks for you answers. I will try it tomorrow, because I go to bed now because I have to get early up tomorrow.
    I’ll let you how it goes.

    Rgds Rob

  4. Don’t use JPGs? There are details here that I’m missing. For example, I have a lesser quality image 1024×1024 and I see you say that PDF images don’t pixelate. I make a PDF image of the image and import it. The PDF pixelates just as badly if not worse than its JPG brother. Are there details I’m missing here? Or is it just obvious, that a “low” quality image will pixelate no matter what?

    1. Hi AJ !

      Took me a while to get back to my computer, sorry about that..

      When I originally wrote this post, I was convinced that using JPEGs wasn’t the way to go. I started trying out other solutions and came to the idea of using PDFs. I was trying to include good screen-shots of websites I visited and zoom in on them. It all went horribly pixelated.

      Reading back the post today after your comment and then testing theories out tonight on Prezi, I can’t see either how it makes a difference to use a JPEG for normal images, provided the original picture is itself of good quality. I’m quite embarrassed to include such bad instructions here (I’m a trainer, its my job!) and I’m happy you gave this feedback… So, yes you are right: “…it is just obvious, that a “low” quality image will pixelate no matter what?”

      I did a bit of research around the Prezi communities tonight and it is still considered best practice to use PDFs for screen-captures to keep the quality to zoom-in on screen-captures (tip 13). I use If you do the same, you will surely get better results.

      Thanks for your comment.
      Good luck!

      ps – for new readers wondering what we are talking about, don’t bother. I took out that tip and replaced it with another 🙂

  5. additionally, it appears you cannot use a PDF as a 3D background image. I loved the article, sorry if I sound like a pessimist or a critic! Thanks for your hard work!

  6. I really love your website.. Great colors & theme.
    Did you build this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m wanting to create my own personal website and want to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is called. Thank you!

    1. Hi

      This is a free WordPress them running on

      I don’t remember the name, sorry!

      I customised the colours for my visual branding

      Good luck!

  7. great submit, very informative. I’m wondering why the other experts of this sector don’t understand this.
    You must continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a great readers’ base already!

  8. Nice blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere?

    A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my
    blog shine. Please let me know where you got your theme.
    Thank you

  9. Can anyone advise how to cut down a YouTube video to use in a Prezi and how to eliminate the pop up ad from the you tube video?

    1. My advice is simple, but there may be more efficient ways:

      * First you need the video on your computer. Use to do this. Just paste in the URL of your YouTube video and you can download it in various formats to your desktop. It’s free.
      * Then use a video editing programme to cut out the bits you don’t want. MS MovieMaker is slow and crashes a bit with big files, buts it’s free and part of their Windows default package. I prefer AVID on my iPad. It’s a 6euro app and very effective, but you would have the additional step of first transferring your new video file (made with to the tablet.
      * Then import the video to Prezi.

      Good luck!
      Let us know how it goes…

    1. Hi

      Sorry it took so long to answer

      What exactly do you mean? In Prezi, there are no “pages” in the simple sense.

      Can you describe what you are trying to do and how it is going wrong?

      Good luck!

  10. Hi Dan, thanks for your helpful posts. I’m still struggling to get my remote to work with Prezi, I’ve searched through their manual and can’t seem to find any solution. I’m presenting on a macbook and the only thing I seem to be able to get the remote to do is zoom the presentation in and out! The only work round that I’ve managed is using my wireless mouse as a remote by ensuring the cursor is above the advance arrow before use. Help!
    Thanks! M

    1. I don’t have experience with a Mac Mark
      But if you put your Prezi into edit mode (not present) enable shortcuts and hit the space-bar to go full-screen, that might then work with your remote, just as if it was in presentation mode.
      That’s what I used to do before the remote worked automatically with PC
      let me know how it goes!
      (Sorry for the delay in replying)

  11. I was a little confused by this “Create your basic structure close up, then add details zoomed-in” because close up and zoomed-in seem semantically equivalent. It might be more clear if you use “zoomed out and zoomed in” instead. Good tips. Thanks.

    1. Hi there

      My bad: Prezi’s “new player” no longer supports putting in flash files in SWF format

      I should have updated my post but didn’t think to. Added to my to-do list.

      I don’t think it’s going to be possible.

      Depending on what you have s d want to achieve it might be worth considering just putting in a video 😕

      Thanks for reading + commenting and sorry for my part in your disappointment. I will update the post.


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