Leadership = Influence (Dr Paul Hersey on “Situational Leadership”)

In a stunning display of endurance and personal effort, faced with the world’s worst microphone, but powered by an enthusiastic exhibition audience, Dr Paul Hersey (one half of the famous Hersey-Blanchard duo) explained at ASTD2012 ICE how… Leadership is basically one key skill: Influence… Good leaders exert influence by adapting their style on the basis […]

Learning narration

The guys from the Internet Time Alliance talk about social learning and it’s many aspects. One of those aspects is Harold Jarche’s idea of “work narration” whereby workers take regular note of what they are doing and what they’ve learnt, sharing ideas, resources and references.. Typical work narration might take place via Twitter or LinkedIn […]

IKEA and Priority Setting

In Leadership training, we often do a priority setting exercise where leaders have to help their team to put a list of objects “in order of importance”. In the debrief, I make an analogy with the way people go shopping at IKEA. Yesterday I was at IKEA… I won’t say how it went 😦   …I’ll […]