Measuring the Success of SoMe in Training

I have been experimenting with social media usage in training and I’m quite happy with the results. This blog post explains what results to look for in your own usage of SoMe as a trainer.There are 3 main things to bear in mind:   Traffic (amount of activity) = the level 1 SoMe measure If […]

Defending training

My Twitter stream is full of excellent professional learning people and 1 major trend: Non-training based learning. The continual repetition of ideas like 70:20:10 along with the SoMeSoLearn fashion and chats like #IHateTraining are having a great impact on the learning sector. People truly understand the first 2 suppositions of the Infinite Learning principle: Training […]

Random things to do when presenting

..list created by trainees recently   Modulate your voice VISA Share eye contact Deliberate gesticulation, not waving hands around for nothing Deliberate walking around; not hot-flooring Introduction with message and/or agenda Power position Strong positive words No fidgeting Avoid long phrases and lots of details Only say useful things! Finish with the key message, like […]

Leadership competences (as noted by recent trainees)

Here is the post-it note list my recent trainees made about leadership competences over my 4 day course with Kluwer. Split into knowledge, skills and attitude…   Knowledge – a good leader should know.. His own style of communication ..and those of the team How people on the team feel The team’s strengths and weaknesses […]

10 random tips for managers to make the best of their (meritocratic) performance evaluation system

11 random ideas from recent training participants about how to work well within their meritocratic performance evaluation system… Don’t forget: It’s a 2 player game (leader and follower)! Communicate company strategic goals to people so they can align their own goal-setting to the company Promote usage of the system – encourage people to do their […]