Create or curate? That is NOT the question

To kick off ASTD2012 session M100, Sarah Bloomfield (Senior L+D Specialist from Google) says its tough to get up and talk at people so anonymously. That’s not her style and it doesn’t help her focus on us, the learners. That’s the topic of the session: Focus on the learner and the rest will follow… ..but […]

Sarah Bloomfield on the (non)consulting mindset of L+D professionals

In a fantastic follow up to my blog this morning on how HR + Learning Professionals should become more commercial, Sarah Bloomfield (Senior L+D Specialist, Google) bangs the nail on the head for me. I’ll steal this idea and call it “borrowed authority”…. Need I say any more? Enter L+D 2.0 True business-driven consultancy.

Jim Collins goes from good to great.. by choice

Monday morning 7th May, ASTD2012 first general session… Ambiance of a rock concert… David Gray playing loud on the PA… Film camera men installed to capture Mr Collins’ speech on why some companies thrive despite chaos, uncertainty and luck… The answer? They are Great By Choice…   According to Jim Collins, “good” is the enemy […]

The perfect learning platform = Mobile + Brain

According to ASTD President Tony Bingham, the role of L+D has never been more important than it is today. Despite (or because of) unemployment issues, CEOs of leading companies are changing their strategy to work even more on employee attraction, development and retention. One important element in this strategy (that we are all aware of) […]

HR needs to go commercial

Day 1 of ASTD2012 ICE left me with one core feeling regarding the future of HR: We need to get commercial…   I consider the commercial spirit as “positioning your offer in terms of the position of the other person”. Applied to HR, this means that HR professionals will need to be able to better […]

John Boudreau says HR has to change it’s approach

ASTD2012 session SU300 was delivered by Dr John Boudreau, Research Director of the University of SoCal’s Centre for Effective Organisations. He introduced the concept of Transformative HR and his research on its meaning and application. In a session full of data (much of which I didn’t really understand) and some great examples, one core message […]

ASTD faces the content-crisis with community engagement

Following the ASTD Annual Report Meeting tonight at #ASTD2012, I see that the issues for ASTD are quite similar for two of the companies I have been hanging around with in Belgium recently: One of them is a leading provider of training (not Kluwer) focused on delivering expert content and who also prints books The […]

Learning Agility – the “X-Factor” of our future leaders

Challenges, speed and competition in the marketplace never cease to increase. With this ever-trend of more-and-more and harder-and-faster, future leaders will need more than ever to have Learning Agility. The subject of #ASTD2012 session #SU218 with Vicki Swisher of Korn/Ferry International…   Before we start, here is a screenshot from the awesome ASTD2012 iPad app […]

Aligning management development to today’s trends

What managers need to do has changed. We live in a new world of work. The challenges are different and so must be our approach. In session SU102 of ASTD2012 a panel of 3 experts * in management development shared their views on trends today and what’s coming up in the future… * see bottom […]