Diversity Rap

Listen to the podcast live version here (MP3, works directly on iPad iPhone Mac and on PC with VLC)


I need diversity in my personal network
To get creativity in my learning brain
I’ve been on Twitter this morning and Yammer as well
And all the chatter is exactly the same

If I hear 1 more time that #TellingAintTraining
Or get any more spam from some blow-job queen
I’m gonna trade my new iPAD for a Commodore 64
Turn off the WIFI or smash up the screen

I wrote a blog post last month on the Obama effect
And how true networking power has incredible reach
But seeing the same old faces saying the same old things
It’s well past time for me to practice what I preach

So, thank you Harold for a pertinent tip
In your Personal Knowledge Management webinar with Jane
It’s time for some unfollows and to widen my horizons
To ensure this repetition doesn’t rear it’s head again

So if you’re on the goodbye list, please don’t be offended
It’s not that I don’t like you and my interest hasn’t ended
I just want to bring some freshness to my daily Twitter stream
So I can get some new ideas and keep alive the learning dream


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  1. Have a to do list and give allowance for unforeseen

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