What my network expects from ASTD2012 ICE

ASTD ICE 2012 promises to be THE event for the learning community. Over 4 days, with hundreds of educational sessions, the International Conference and Exhibition is a fine opportunity to get up-to-speed on the learning world. Having seen the agenda, I know what’s on offer.But what do people want? What is MY network looking for? […]

6 more cool SWOT questions to identify opportunities

I’ve already written 2 posts about SWOT questions and SWOT process. Read them first. This post delivers a few more cool questions for discovering opportunities. I heard these at the Innovation Cocktails meeting organised by @karpusj last year in Brussels…. 4 commercial questions Where are your (potential) customers blocked? What else are my (potential) customers […]

Using video to invite people to training

At a recent Kluwer Trainer’s Evening, we discussed lots of things that could be done using #SoMe before, during and after training to improve its effectiveness. I decided I would try using video to invite people to training, giving a little information about myself and the content prior to arrival. I thought this might simply […]

Thank you @tallpaulnorman for teaching me what counts

Copy of the email I just sent my first real boss…. Freelance business skills, attitude and approaches that count Paul, I was discussing today with my beautiful wife in my beautiful home much of a good start I got in business…. Today, I run my own business successfully and love the entrepreneurial spirit. I first […]