Permission to Tweet?

I recently spotted this on Twitter during a break from training and wondered: Should you ask permission to Tweet?


When I go to conferences, it seems normal to Tweet about the conference content, speakers, themes etc .. and of course, there is often a hashtag available and we are encouraged to Tweet.

But what if we are not encouraged?

With the digital age and the ability to share anything anywhere anytime, its clear that people WILL decide for themselves to share things that cross their path. But where is the line?


A few weeks ago, I was in a small meeting with some of my peers discussing approaches to onboarding. One of them made an interesting point. He is on Twitter, so I tweeted it, with reference to him. Is this cool?

From my point of view, I was not unhappy to see the above photo tweeted during training ..but I can imagine some people would be.


I’d be happy to have your thoughts…

What do you think? Since we CAN share anything, CAN WE?

About Dan Steer

Wandering corporate trainer, learning and development consultant, conference speaker and professional El-Magico. I help people get better at stuff by creating and facilitating Infinite Learning © opportunities. The world would be a better place if everyone was doing what he loved and doing it well. I am working to bring out the "El Magico" in everybody. Training in presentation and communication skills, leadership, social media for learning and marketing, learning and development management + personal effectiveness.

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