Kill your sacred cows

Phaedrus remembered reading about an experiment with special glasses that made users see everything upside down and backwards. Soon their minds adjusted and they began to see the world “normally” again. After a few weeks, when the glasses were removed, the subjects again saw everything upside down again and had to relearn the vision they […]

I could use a trainer …shoe pun :-/

This post has nothing to do with trainers. Well, sort of. It is about getting a job, getting seen or self-branding..   In 1999, a good friend of mine tried to get a job in a highly esteemed London Ad Agency. He was amongst 1000 hopeful graduates just on the market trying to get into the […]

4 quick sure ways to screw up strategic thinking + action

If you want more ideas on creating strategic action, read my other blog post. This is about how to get it wrong! 4 simple ideas to keep in mind….   Not taking time to think things through When I ask people how I should best get ready for an IronMan, they always reply “Train”. But […]

You’ve got to WANT it (or not, I suppose)

Today is day 7 without Coca-Cola in my life. Its tough! After years and years of more than 1litre a day of the brown stuff, I’ve stopped. Since I don’t drink coffee, this makes me caffeine free for 7 days. And significantly lower in sugar too. I tried this before and failed. You can read […]

Honest or not honest, that IS the question!

My father used to tell me that I wear my heart on my sleeve. People know where they are with me and I always thought that was a good thing. Today I am starting to doubt this…   I am reading “Lila” by Robert Pirsig and he talks about the way the American Indian plains-people […]

2 questions that seem to set me free

I’ve finished reading “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and I have to say it was great. I wanted to share the concept that really hit home the most..   As a perfection-lover, control-freak and high-achiever (in my mind, at least) I really like to get things RIGHT. So much, that these “things” spin around […]

#LearningStyles “statement”

Economist like models, but don’t like stories ? Marketeers like stories, but don’t like facts ? Scientists like facts, but don’t like fun ? Gen Y likes fun, but doesn’t like experts ? Experts don’t like Gen Y, other experts or non-experts ? 🙂 Honey + Mumford like models, stories, faces and fun   I like […]

Once upon a time there were 7 billion #LearningStyles

According to some people, different “students” have different learning styles. Some others say its not so. Who cares? That will be my question today…   Hypothesis N° 1  = There are 4 learning styles and we should adapt to them all   Trainers have told me this time-and-again. I learnt it in a TTT class […]