SoMe for Learning Managers – Practical Case no1: Formal International Social Learning

As you may have seen, I’ve already posted 2 practical SoMe usage cases for Trainers (1) (2)- these will continue soon … This one is for the Learning and Development Managers out there wondering how they can formally use SoMe solutions to support a social-learning initiative. The options are endless, but some of the people I meet are “startless”, so here’s 1 concrete idea…


First things first: Set specific learning objectives to work with

The following example is from a company wide Project Management learning initiative that incorporates several social learning moments and draws upon usage of some free Web 2.0 tools.

Several specific learning objectives were set for the whole group and sub-groups were asked to work on one or other specific objective, reporting back to the bigger group. An example objective is :

  • “Be able to identify, analyse and measure common human-risk factors in international projects”


Then get your L+D guys to stimulate some social learning action!

  • Communication using email to all learning participants outlining the desired learning objectives, working sub-groups and sub-group missions
  • Sub-groups are defined with a mix of participants from different business groups and countries in order to maximise connectivity and intercultural collaboration
  • LinkedIn or Yammer group set-up for all participants
  • Internal learning consultant named as contact point for additional questions and support
  • Initial basic knowledge/content on how to run risk assessments delivered via Wikipedia and YouTube (example video)
  • Individual group participants invited to use their personal internal  + external networks / groups to gather information and intelligence on potential human risk factors in international projects – this is done using any means, but could also include Yammer or LinkedIn, for example
  • Sub-group works together online at distance to create a Prezi presentation to bring together their findings and reflections and create together a 30 minute presentation on their topic
  • This process is run by several sub-groups during a given time-frame, each with its own specific learning objective, like the one noted above
  • Following completion of the task, all sub-groups convene in a Skype/Net-Meeting environment to share their findings and present to each other
  • An internal expert mentor and/or coach is present in order to give feedback and stimulate further reflection
  • Following the presentation/meeting day, all participants (from the larger group) are knowledge-tested using SurveyMonkey on the different objectives presented
  • Other follow-up activities are planned as usual to assess competence and implementation of learning


The possibilities really are endless. I hope this blog will help someone to get started with their own reflection and take one or two small steps toward social learning with social media.


Your comments are welcome,

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