Social Media for Trainers – Practical Example no.1

This blog-post outlines a practical example of how social media tools could be used during and after training. If you have questions, send me an email…

What is the added-value of using social media for training?

  • Improve understanding and retention of what was discussed in training
  • Keep the learning process alive by creating longevity
  • Provide additional references to your participants, this concentrating on Authentic Learning whilst in the training room
  • Drive traffic to your blog site/Twitter account, thus improving your network reach
  • Learn more stuff yourself (as a trainer)


How this idea started

  • Following the @KluwerOpleiding #KluSome Trainer’s Lounge there was some discussion on our LinkedIn group about how to best profit from social media in training
  • A discussion group member posted this film from @Tedtalks
  • Another group member (trainer) used that film in training as an icebreaker to discussion on eNetworking
  • I was asked for advice on how to best integrate more social media in the training…


What I suggested to the trainer in question…

Write a blog page outlining the discussion held during training

  • This could be interesting for other people online who want to hear opinions about eNetworking
  • An example of such a blog post can be found here (not about eNetworking)
  • On that blog page, embed the original movie …or better yet, link it to a personal YouTube channel like this one
  • Add some additional references that you have found that might add to what was already said (as on the blog noted above)


Create a group on LinkedIn

  • This could be about eNetworking or about the overall training topic you were training on…
  • Connect to training participants on LinkedIn
  • Invite them to join the LinkedIn group


Start a conversation on the LinkedIn group

  • Put in the link to your blog-post, inviting people to comment either on the blog or the LinkedIn group …this could be done immediately or for better longevity X weeks after training is completed


Add-On options

  • Tweet something about your blog-page
  • Email participants to let them know about the blog-page/LinkedIn group, rather than using direct LinkedIn invitations
  • Add your blog-post as a comment on another page about networking


I hope this helps. I will add other practical examples of using SoMe to add-value to training.

Thanks for reading


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