Don’t forget to assess results (Evaluating training, part 5)

This blog page is part 5 of a 5 part blog series on evaluating training. Follow this link to find the mother page (page 1).


Finally, don’t forget to assess results

We do learning for a reason. It’s not enough to say “let’s do a training” and people always invest time, money and effort for a reason. If you can’t show them the return on investment in terms of concrete business results, forget about it.


The question of HOW to do this has been around for ages in the learning world. My opinion is that we should not stress too much about it:

  • Be clear from the outset what we are trying to achieve (see other blog post on “learning design questions”)
  • Agree what measurables (fluffy or precise) we are looking to improve in terms of results (profit, sales generated, number of difficult conflict situations)
  • Measure them at an agreed point in time before and after learning
  • Correlate results and draw conclusions

It’s the last part that tends to bother people, as they worry that their conclusions are not really conclusive…. But who cares? If we create a learning initiative because we want better results and then we HAVE better results, don’t stress !


Hope this was interesting (longest blog series yet?)

Re-read the other posts if you want to…



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