Assessing behaviour (Evaluating training part 4)

This blog page is part 4 of a 5 part blog series on evaluating training. Follow this link to find the mother page (page 1).


If you want to assess behaviour, you need to observe and talk to different people

Kirkpatrick’s 3rd level of evaluation is about behaviour: What is the learner DOING after learning?

I think the best way to assess this is to observe the learner in action, but you can also ask the learner (much later after training) and ask other people (mostly a stakeholder or manager, but could be a 360° evaluation).


In order to do a good job of assessing behaviour vs. learning, you need to do 3 key thing:

  • Have a set bunch of “observables” and “numbers” criteria to measure
  • Take a base-measure of how the learner behaves BEFORE the learning initiative
  • Measure again afterwards


Ethical questions arise as to whether or not you should tell the learner when you are doing the assessment. I’ll stick my neck out here and answer “NO” – most people tend to put in more effort when they know they are under the spotlight and I also want to assess attitude when doing Level 3 assessments.


This blog series is split into 5 parts. Choose one of these links to read more…



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