Web 3.0 Learning: ASTD Webinar with David Wentworth

I’ve just followed the @ASTD Webinar with David Wentworth* presenting Web 3.0 for Learning. These are my notes.

* Senior research analyst for the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)


Summarising 2 studies done with @ASTD (“Better, Smarter, Faster” and “Mobile Learning”), David first presented what learning people have to say about using Web2.0 for learning:

  • The Web has evolved from static 1-to-many (1.0) to dynamic interactive many-to-many sharing (2.0) – the next step = “seemless connectivity to a smarter web, regardless of device” (3.0)
  • According to the 2 studies, only about ½ learning professionals are using new technologies for learning. (This is the US. For more information on Belgium, check out Kluwer’s 2011 Learning Indicator)
  • Use of Web 2.0 technologies has grown from 2009 to 2010. Here’s what people are using:
    • Social networks, podcasts and blogs are top of the “used” list
    • Other shared media, wikis and microblogging come next
    • Social bookmarking is bottom of the list
    • ….but they have all grown in usage this year!


After 2.0, David spoke of what Web 3.0 means for learning people….


Regarding the definition of Web 3.0 and how it relates to learning, people said:

  • Having 3D environments, gaming and immersive environments does notseem to be what it’s all going to be about for learning
  • The “semantic web” will bring some serious benefits to learning (in contrast to the low-performance poor quality of many current in-company solutions):
    • We will find things more quickly
    • Results will be clean and easy to navigate
    • Results will be specific to our needs
    • We will find the exact info we need
  • Web 3.0 will be mobile, but although this can be highly effective, it won’t necessarily be easy for learning professionals to deal with
    • There are so many types of devices that it may be overwhelming for the learning function to design and develop solutions/apps for them all
    • ..and if companies “aren’t exactly handing out tablets”, people will be bringing their own (diverse) devices to work
    • BUT: Those that DO use mobile learning solutions say they are getting good results
    • …when they use mobile learning as a complement to other forms of learning
    • AND: It will become more and more apparent


So what will people by doing with Mobile Web 3.0 technology for learning? David suggests that online simulations and courseware authoring tools will have the most success… …but not in the next 3 years, except for” the big learning players”.


And what are the barriers to Web 3.0 learning implementation? According to David Wentworth and the ASTD studies, the top 3 barriers are:

  • Lack of budget
  • Lack of leadership understanding and support
  • Lack of IT support


Finally, how can we get started?

  • Be open to the new web
  • Get a champion, someone who will measure and brand Web 3.0 solutions
  • Get good on Web 2.0 !


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