3 Twitter stories to convince you to get on the train

If you have a company brand to protect and grow and you are not already active on social media sites, read on. These 3 stories pretty much seal the deal for me. It’s time to get social!


When I looked out the window, I saw that she was right…

In Barcelona last week I was discussing the corporate use of social media with one of my clients. He told me about why the global CEO was now considering getting on the train. Apparently, some months before GreenPeace had chained themselves to parts of the corporate head-quarters. The CEO was busy working in one of the HQ offices, unaware of what was going on in the same building. He received a call from his daughter asking “Dad, what’s going on? I saw on Twitter that GreenPeace are protesting at your offices”. When he looked out the window, he saw what she was talking about. Twitter brought the news faster than getting up and looking out the window!


OOOoh, we’re on Twitter!!!

One of my clients told me on Monday that she never really cared about “all this social media stuff” until the other day. She had just organized a conference with other similar organisations. The next day, one of her colleagues (active on Twitter) stood up excitedly in the office and said “We’ve been mentioned* on Twitter!”. Everyone was very all of a sudden very excited …. …later that day, they asked themselves if it wouldn’t be a better idea to be driving what was said on social media sites, rather than passively being informed about their own brand.


*by name only, not @name, since they were not “on Twitter” at this time


I’ve seen what you are up to. Can you come and see me to discuss more?

Personally, I’ve been blogging, tweeting, posting walls and YouTubing for a little over a year. It’s fair to say I’m addicted, but it’s also fair to say that I have learnt a HUGE amount from social media in this short time. Last August, I got the first real confirmation that my activity was also useful for brand-reinforcement. Since I link my tweets to linkedin, someone from my extended network of contacts had been watching everything I’d been up via that site. She was once an HR consultant at my previous employer and is now Training Manager for a large telecoms company. I had been sharing and posting ideas as usual …she had been following. In August, she sent me an email for the first time in 6 years, saying “Dan, I see all the things you are doing and it looks interesting. Can you come and meet with me?”. Free marketing, reinforcing my brand via social media. Like 🙂



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