Leadership resources from a recent Kluwer training

Having just completed delivery of a 4-day Leadership Training with @KluwerOpleiding (thanks @MiekWouters for the chance to have a small group :-)) I thought I’d share the email stream that built up from me to participants over the 4-days. Loads of references here…   References DAY 1 Here you can find a list of leadership […]

18 tips for managers to bring change into an organisation

If you are a manager trying to bring change into the organisation, here are 3 main things to think about: 1. How do people react to change? 2. What are the different personalities you can see when introducing change? 3. How can we as leaders do a good job of dealing with change?   This […]

Prezi: How to Build Effective Presentations

My 1st Prezi effort – love this tool!

10 things you can learn from David Brent about running performance evaluations

During leadership training today, we watched some of the BBC series « The Office » and evaluated the boss’ approach to dealing with Performance Evaluation Meetings. To see David Brent in action, check out part of the episode in question (Series 2, Episode 2) here   There are many different performance evaluation processes and these are not […]

Web 3.0 Learning: ASTD Webinar with David Wentworth

I’ve just followed the @ASTD Webinar with David Wentworth* presenting Web 3.0 for Learning. These are my notes. * Senior research analyst for the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)   Summarising 2 studies done with @ASTD (“Better, Smarter, Faster” and “Mobile Learning”), David first presented what learning people have to say about using Web2.0 for […]

3 Twitter stories to convince you to get on the train

If you have a company brand to protect and grow and you are not already active on social media sites, read on. These 3 stories pretty much seal the deal for me. It’s time to get social!   When I looked out the window, I saw that she was right… In Barcelona last week I […]

Top 10 email tips for business

During training last week, we created a list of 10 top tips for effective emailing in a corporate environment. These tips are all aimed at getting maximum return-on-investment for both you and the reader. My visiting client confirmed that these tips were really important in his company. He added that you should consider every email […]