“Learning as a journey” …notes on @fredericw #ASTD2011 feedback

On September 13th, I attended Frédéric Williquet’s Epsilon lunch conference on the topic of ASTD2011. During this lunch, he presented what he got from the conference, trends, theories and main lessons learnt. You can find Frédéric’s PPT here. Read on for my own notes…


Headline = “From training as an event to learning as a journey”


Frédéric presented the trends of ASTD2011 as:

  • Globalisation
  • Linking learning initiatives to strategic business issues
  • Working on individual strengths, rather than weaknesses. As @tferriss says the likelihood of improved performance is MUCH greater when doing this, than when banging away at some horrible weakness… that only gets you frustration and slow small improvement.
  • Put things in place to support learning, don’t just drag people along to training sessions – this made me think of Jane Hart‘s idea that “L+D should be the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage”
  • “It’s all about you” – engagement is key. As such there is a tendancy for individualisation of learning solutions and it is important to adapt to different audience types. See also @fredericw #LearningMinutes video on “le cercle virtueux of engagement and development”
  • Leadership 2020 – collaboration, talent development, digitally confident, global citizenship, anticipating and building the future
  • Trust – check out the nice films inside Frédéric’s PPTCovey on the cost of low-trust and the hotdog seller’s trust response to a performance issue
  • Freedom with accountability – this made me think of ROWE and some of the key issues noted by @DanielPink in “Drive
  • Management is a coach and social architect, not a controller and will have the role of connecting strengths – reminds me of what @Gosse_C told me about KPMG “knowledge coaches”
  • Social Learning, the rise of Web 2.0 and the mismatch between how much is learnt from others vs. the % of budget spent on formal training classes
  • mLearning and how we must take learning to participants and not vice-versa … and check out iTunesU
  • Consumerisation and Artificial Web 3.0
  • Granularity …meaning we should break up learning initiatives into chunks that can be swallowed on demand by participants when and where they want
  • Gamification to build fun and engagement whilst learning and testing competences


Last but not least: Looking for a way to engage audience members in your next presentation? Check out poller.com !


Now if that wasn’t enough ideas for you, follow @fredericw or me on twitter.

Thanks for reading!


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