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#LestWeForgetTrainees: Twitter diary of a trainee

A few months ago, I tweeted my experience as a trainee in an 8 day course. The idea was to keep a diary of how I felt about things and then use that as input for a discussion with other trainers about how to improve the trainee experience. I’d be happy to have your comments….


  • Today I start following training myself. Will be tweeting and blogging about my trainee experience …check it out…
  • Training day1. I’m wondering: What will I learn? How will it help me? And is it worth the time and money?
  • Excited. I chose training myself and really want to learn!
  • Intrigued and surprised by no tables, just a circle of chairs. Close contact and interactive I suppose!
  • Given the book “Derrière la magie” by Alain Cayrol and Josiane de Saint Paul  – we await arrival of last trainees..
  • Intro session very good for me. I am sold on the topic and approach to training. Wondering if everyone else is.
  • How do you “assess” satisfaction, “buy-in” or resistance of your trainees during the start-up of a new training?
  • Had a moment of frustration when the conversation went off topic during training for “too long”
  • …but a good morning. Trainer: enthusiastic, not too much. Participants: Seem nice. The topic still interests me.
  • Proposition of 90min lunch seemed too much but it went quickly. Food was good; nice chance to chat amongst trainees.
  • …but tired now and full up!
  • Hard work after lunch. Tired and “fluffy”. NEVER have that as a trainer, but I understand today how trainees have it.
  • Had a nice moment of revelation in training. With a simple model and time to think and work through things, it helps.
  • Last 45 mins = long and tiring, especially having a cold. Hard to be attentive and deal with new stuff all day long.
  • 4 big results implementing my learning points from yesterday. My question: How can I make it a habit?
  • My other question: How will the trainer help me to turn today’s understanding and skill into long-term habits?
  • By chance a school-mum tells me she too followed this training. She said “problem” is having the reflex to apply it.
  • Day2: Expectations clear (not as “excited” as d1). Happy to have real results from day1. Ready for more. What next?
  • Would like to share my success stories with the others. Is this in the agenda today?
  • I take it back – I AM excited to be following training again today 🙂
  • Trainer’s time-management (alignment to commitments) is impeccable. How does she do it with all that flexibility?
  • Trainer answer to “how will she support me in creating habit” = encouragement and support. Will this be ongoing?
  • Aware that we go “off on tangents” + this is nice for me. Trainer is flexible. Does everyone like these tangents?
  • Frustrated when what is in workbook does not obviously correspond to what is on flipchart – I get a bit lost.
  • I worry from time-to-time if I take too much space in the group – would be nice to get feedback on this.
  • I see that some others don’t seem to follow as quickly as me when models and concepts are explained.
  • Nice conversation at the end of the day with my trainer about Kolb’s learning styles.

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9 PowerPoint tips for real business people

The internet is full of great tips on how to make PowerPoint slides PERFECT. But most people are not selling the world’s sexiest product and won’t take the time to make slides PERFECT. This post is for you, the real business people. 9 simple effective tips…


These are the basics for good looking PPT slides. They will keep you on-track for 90% of your business needs:

  • Only have 1 message or main idea per slide
  • …and make that message your slide title
  • Prefer visual messages to text
  • Replace numeric tables with charts
  • Limit the number of bullets to 5 or 6
  • Limit the number of words per bullet to 5 or 6
  • Use font size 24 to 48
  • Use “normal” fonts
  • Use a dark background with light text (if your marketing department will let you!)


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