4 spontaneous feedback moments this month

It’s always nice to get some feedback about positive performance… …even nicer when you didn’t ask for it! This month, I had 4 particular spontaneous feedbacks from satisfied clients. Being a proud young man, I share 🙂   “After your training, someone told me I was a good listener. It’s the first time in my […]

Self-learning: Defining this competence for the future

If everyone is going to learn by themselves, we are going to have to help them. Any ideas on this at #ASTD2011? Assume that @jpapakalos is right and the Facebook generation is going to go for self-learning. Does this mean that they are going to be any good at it? OK, they like to do […]

Learning leadership in a culture of sharing

What is the role of learning leadership in a culture of sharing and Infinite Learning © possibilities? On one hand, we have the wish for strategic measurement, development, implementation and evaluation of controlled learning initiatives. On the other, we seek to encourage pro-active employee-led knowledge sharing and self-learning. Where do learning people draw the line […]

12 random things to remember when you present

I just sent an update to one of clients to let her know what her people replied to the questions “What did you learn?” and “What will you implement?” after Presentation Skills training. Thought it might be interesting to share… Practice before the presentation so not to overrun Leave enough time for questions and interactivity […]