Bringing FLOW into your organisation

According to Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, being in flow is the key to real human happiness.

The pre-requisites for personal flow are:

  • Inner clarity of mission and vision
  • Clear goals
  • Balance between challenge and skill
  • Feedback about your performance
  • Fully in-sync with work
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Enjoyment and contribution

If we consider the Yerkes-Dodson performance law, being optimally stimulated (in flow) will yield the best performance, innovation and motivation.

So: If you want to create happiness and high performance/motivation and innovation in your people, you need to get them in flow!

The following is a list of ideas on how to get and keep people in flow at work, generated by PhD students during a leadership training session today:

  • Make sure that people understand goals correctly
  • Create a nice working environment, ergonomic, green …
  • Be sure that people are aligned to the company environment, culture and attitude
  • Give people space to work quietly on high-concentration work
  • Give people the relevant technical and administrative support in order that they can concentrate on their core tasks
  • Give people time and space to be creative and take initiatives
  • Ensure communication is good and clear
  • Have team building moments
  • Give regular feedback to people
  • Coach people
  • Give people the opportunity to express themselves, for example: A questionnaire
  • Sports facilities, power-nap, coffee, massage and zen-rooms
  • Regularly check people’s workload
  • Divide tasks to ensure that people are not over-stressed
  • Get people together, so that they can get feedback from their colleagues
  • Don’t leave “crisis situations” too long – ensure there is balance between challenge and skill level
  • Get to know your people better, work on really understanding their needs and motivation
  • Flexible working hours and home-working possibilities
  • Give more training and development initiatives
  • Job-rotation
  • Give people responsibilities so that they can grow
  • Relevant reward systems

For more ideas on flow at work, look at this short film:

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  1. Ik use the concept of the flow in my training about time management. When you are working in the flow you lose the notion of time. I am a great fan of Mihaily.

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