Creation of a training concept in pharma industry

Dan nous a aidé à créer un nouveau concept au niveau de la formation médicale continue des médecins généralistes. Il s’agissait d’un programme qui était soutenu par une des plus grandes sociétés pharmaceutiques. Sans qu’il ait une expérience dans le domaine médicale et/ou pharmaceutique, son apport a été très riche et nous a surtout permis […]

Speaking too fast? Tips for presentation nerves

This blog outlines the simple solutions discussed during training last week for people who need to slow down their speech a little when presenting. Fast speaking is mostly due to stress and as such it often naturally slows down a few minutes into the presentation. If that’s not the case, try some of these solutions: […]

Learning Design Questions

During a recent meeting with Jan Laurijssen of Kluwer and one of our clients, we discussed many ideas about learning design and how to move forward when implementing learning initiatives. Part of that conversation was centered on the types of questions you should ask when approaching a potential learning issue. This blog entry is inspired […]

Implementing a Competence Mgt System

J’ai collaboré avec Dan Steer dans le cadre de la conception d’un CMS (« Competence Management System »). Dan est intervenu comme consultant externe, et expert en CMS. Dan allie une très bonne capacité d’analyse et de réflexion, avec un talent inné pour animer des brainstormings créatifs, il a véritablement une double casquette de consultant […]

8 strategies for how to make group decisions

There are lots of different ways to make decisions. This post outlines several.   Should we cancel the project? What should the team implement to solve absenteeism issues? Which DVD should we hire? What time should we run the meeting? How will we decide which new processes to implement? Where should we hold the team […]

My 21 favourite good SWOT questions

The first step to doing SWOT well is asking good questions. Don’t know what questions to ask? Read this post. SWOT is a great and simple tool for analysing your current position in order to define strategic action. In this post, I first outline the meaning of strategic action and then list 21 of my […]

How I introduce myself in Presentation Skills, Commercial Communication and Consultancy training

How should a trainer introduce herself at the beginning of a course? Should she just give her name and company, or detail her experience? Do certain people and cultures expect to know what school she came from, her family name or her special interests? For the training noted above, I prefer not to worry about […]